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January 10th, 2021, 00:54
Map: Polar nights

A map with unusual game mechanics.



Keeper, we have a cold mission for you. Snow and freezing ice have covered that ground. You have to go to the North Pole and conquer it. The snow fairies will help you on this mission. Good luck, Keeper!

Main Objective:
Capture the North Pole (the area with the banner).


1) A special spell will help you destroy the dangerous freezing ice.
2) Creatures and spells are hidden everywhere.
3) Bring fire to the little salamanders and they will reveal the secret to you.
4) Bring 4 diamonds to the lord's altar to open the secret passage.
5) Find the mechanism and throw it on the highlighted square to create a bridge.
6) Destroy the 4 Eskimos camps. The 4 polar stars open the way to the North Pole.
7) Find the keys to the Horny's prison. The Prince of Heroes knows where they are.

Version 1.7:

February 1st, 2021, 19:58
-The dangerous ice has been fixed. Now it can't be removed by a crowd of fairies. You will need to look for a suitable spell.
-Changed the key of the horny's prison. It can now be thrown and picked up many times.
-Map was relighted
The map link has been updated.

February 4th, 2021, 05:59
New traps added
-Greed Trap - A huge gold bag that forces creatures to temporarily fight on the enemy's side.
-Dagger Trap - shoots knives at enemies from a distance.
-Frost stream Trap - Releases a stream of frost on an enemy and slowly deals cold damage.
-Chicken Alarm - A chicken that starts clucking when enemies are nearby.

February 4th, 2021, 15:33
Map: Polar nights 2 - The Cave of Crystal Tears

A map with unusual game mechanics.



Keeper, in these crystal caves is the fortress of the local Lord. He is the only one who can open the magical doors. To open the door he must stand in front of it.
Find Gernis the rogue, who will teach you how to cast possession spells and send his subordinate to help you break into the Lord's chambers.

Attention you will only get one chance to open the Lord's chambers without fighting.

Use the possession on the thief.
Get invisibility from an assassin.
Kill the elf guard near the gate.
You will have 10 seconds to get close to the Lord.
Follow him and you will have a chance to get through the magic door.

If you fail this quest. You will have to fight your way to the fortified citadel in the south to capture another Lord.
Good luck!

Main Objective:

Find the way out of the crystal caves.
All salamanders must be survive.
Lord of the lands must be survive.


Crystal land is not captured. Be careful and avoid the battle on the crystals.
Look for neutral creatures. Rooms will be available as they are discovered.
Find the way to the lord's chambers to get important spells.
The mesmerise spell will only be available once. Use it to capture the Horny Reaper.
Icy fog will prevent workers from claiming the slabs. Use an inferno spell to destroy it.
Take a closer look at the magic doors. Only the Lord of the Lands can open them.
Find the big gem and place it on the pedestal in the castle of heroes in the shining area to open passage.
Find at least one salamander to open the passage to the hero gates in the middle of the cave and destroy them.
Look for the bridge mechanism in the heroes' workshop. It has to be dropped onto a lighted area near the shore.
Find a statue of a sitting salamander in red light and place it in a cage with the same lighting behind the bridge.
Lure the stone knight into the magic fire in the east on the right and destroy him
Find all 3 salamanders, otherwise the passage to the exit will not open.

Version 1.7:

February 4th, 2021, 16:44
New spell added
Mesmerise - takes control of an enemy's creature and makes it your ally forever
freeze - temporarily freezes the enemy's creature

February 6th, 2021, 11:09
Sorry, maybe a dump question but how does one play these maps? They are marked as special and reference some assets that at least I don't posses.

February 6th, 2021, 13:21
To play that maps create a shortcut(if you haven't one already) of dkII.exe and go to the properities
and there to the register shortcut and write additionally behind the line Target ...Dungeon Keeper 2\DKII.EXE" -q -level "levelname"
(levelname->for example polar_nights, Polar_Nights2...).


February 6th, 2021, 14:43
Yep thanks, of course. Actually tried with OpenKeeper and it outright just crashed. It works with the official DK 2 of course, quite heavy modifications on the map :)