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March 13th, 2010, 22:48
Hello! First, I must say that I'm Polish, not English, so my English is kinda crappy and bugged and that we have our own Dungeon Keeper Portal at http://www.dk.boo.pl/, but it's in Polish only. Whatever, now the point: after many hours fighting against DK and Hamachi, we have found a way to play DK over Internet. We have magical recepture for playing DK on the net, so we hope you guys are happy now. First, some hot screenshots:




There are the instructions below:

1) You must have Dungeon Keeper with IPX fix and Hamachi installed.
2) Go to "Start" >>> "Control Panel" >>> "Network Connections", right-click on "Hamachi Connection" and select "Properties", click on "IPX protocol" and click on "Properties", then set "Ethernet SNAP". If you don't have "IPX protocol" installed, then click "Install" and select "IPX Protocol" (by default he isn't installed on Windows XP). After this, go and select "TCP Connection", click on "Properties", then "Advanced" and add new Gateway: and set "Automatic metric" or, if you have any problems with your regular Internet or with Hamachi, set it to 1500. Then, right-click on your "Local Network Connection" (your Internet) and select "Properties" then untick the "IPX protocol".
3) Next, make an "aliasex.txt" file in your Hamachi main directory and type your friend's Hamachi IP + your Hamachi IP with his IP ending instead of yours. For example, if your friend's Hamachi IP is and yours is, then it should be: Now he will see your host in game. He must do analogically the same if he wants to see your host. If there will have a 3 or 4 players game at least, the host must set aliases for rest of players. The best is when everyone has aliases to everyone, then everyone can host a game. The one alias the one line (below the previous). Then, important: restart Hamachi after adding new aliases to get them working.
4) To reduce the lags, you have to forward the ports in your Router and in Hamachi: launch Hamachi and go to "Settings" (a little wheel at the bottom-right corner and select "Preferences") and in "Status" window in the connection settings (Connection), go to "Advanced configuration" (Detailed configuration) and down in Connection through NAT, select and type UDP & TCP ports (both identical, for example: 17000) and then same ports unlock in your ROUTER if you have the one. This will make a direct connection to Hamachi users and eliminate the lags (it will give you a green star). After this, restart Hamachi.
5) Edit your "Keeper.cfg" file in Notepad and set correct path for DK. Otherwise, you get the red CD with "?" screen. Also, in Windows XP, right-click on "KeepD3D.exe" and "DeepD3D.exe" and select "Properties" and set Win98 compatibility mode. Otherwise, the game will crash just after loading a map.
6) Remember, all players should use same *.exe files to avoid the crashes, although you may mix the normal with D3D but you can't mix Keeper with Deeper (you won't see the host).
7) Please update your graphic drivers to the newest ones. Otherwise, you may get a black screen during the play, or the game may lag/freeze, or you may get a crash when you try to possess a minion.
8) Launch Hamachi, log in into your Hamachi network, launch game, click Multiplayer game and IPX, then play. Important: after long, hard and deep testing, we have concluded that the game is playable and comfortable only with ping BELOW 50 ms. With higher pings, the game gets laggy - higher is the ping, more laggy is the game. To check the ping while in Hamachi, click on your friend nickname and select "Ping".

Now, you are able to play DK over the Internet! Have fun!

Some hints:
1) While in game, the Y and Z keys may be switched. You have to change your keyboard language settings in the Windows taskbar.
2) To chat in game, press ENTER, type a message then press ENTER again.
3) To make an alliance with somebody, go to Information tab, and click on your friend's icon, it will start flashing. Your friend will also see it in the Information tab and if he wants to accept your alliance, he has to click on your icon too so both icons will start flashing. This means you guys are allied now.
4) The computer players are weak sometimes and they do nothing sometimes (bug).

Thanks to twinerJack for long time testing. We also tested on the tools similar to Hamachi, like Kali and Leaf, and even through the modem, but no difference at all (even worser than Hamachi sometimes). This tutorial is for Windows XP users, it wasn't tested on others versions of Windows.

The Tutorial Version 1.1 (13.03.2010) by Kuras
The main changes in this release are that the tutorial is now more optimized, I mean it's shorter and easier. Also, I fixed some language bugs, but I'm sure there are still some lag bugs.

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July 30th, 2010, 08:10
My Hamachi network connection properties don't have a box, tab or thing related to 'ipx protocol' -



Will KeeperFX work with this? As in, will it be able to join normal keeper.exe games? Also, do many people still play this?

July 30th, 2010, 09:51
If you don't have "IPX protocol" installed, then click "Install" and select "IPX Protocol" (by default he isn't installed on Windows XP).

And if "IPX Protocal" is NOT there, meaning that you don't have Windows XP, then you'll have to find it elsewhere on the web since Windows Vista and further versions of Windows don't have the IPX Protocol anymore.

If you have Windows Vista 32bit, please go here (http://www.starbase01.com/site/index.php?id=22,87,0,0,1,0). If you have Vista 64bit, you will have to use a Virtual PC to return to Windows 98, 2000 or XP. Same if you have Seven.

Will KeeperFX work with this? As in, will it be able to join normal keeper.exe games? Also, do many people still play this?

I don't think KeeperFX and normal Dungeon Keeper may be compatible online. It's either the link between two KeeperFX.exe or the link between two Keeper95.exe.

And I didn't see any people talking about online games so far because the way to configure all that is complicated for them I guess.