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September 1st, 2009, 08:17
Name : Dasoop (which is, by the way, a possible name that a creature can get in DK1)

Creature type : Demon spawn :demon:

Age : 23

Personality : Enjoys combat and training. While in combat, will fight to the death. He's also respectful and friendly even if can be rude sometimes. However, if somebody annoys him, watch out! Of course, he naturally dislikes Hell Hounds.

Current level : 3

Gold on pocket : 180

Strengths : Good fighter with sharp claws and teeth and is also quite resistant with his hard scales

Weaknesses : Can be easily annoyed, can be rude and can fight bigger creatures which can be bad for his health

Likes : Combat, combat and combat! But if no combat is available, will train with pleasure. He also enjoys to take a nice lava bath after being harmed!

Dislikes : Hell Hounds and creatures that praised to be superior than him. He also dislikes to be inefficient or placed away from combat. Of course, he dislikes heroes!

Abilities :
Level 1 : Attack
Level 3 : Missile
Level 6 : Heal
Level 9 : Protect self

Other things : Can see very well in darkness and has 3 claws to his feet instead of 2.

Biography : Dasoop lived in a mountain with his parents and his lil' sister. He was a very active demon spawn and enjoyed to hunt for food in the plains. His parents told him not to hunt nearby human arera or it would result of huge problems. But Dasoop didn't care. One day, he ate some sheeps and cows that were owned by farmers. When they discovered that their livestock were diminishing and that it was about a lil' dragon, humans decided to kill this little intruder before their supplies would become too low.

One day, when Dasoop was still young, they discovered him and chased him. Afraid, Dasoop fled and called for help and it was his parents, the big dragons, that defended his lil' boy. Knowing that Dasoop lied of their warnings, his parents were very angry against him and had to leave this place quick. But unfortunately, knowing that a family of dragons were living nearby their villages, humans decided to kill the dragons once and for all! With Knights, Wizards, Archers and stuff, they invaded the cavern of Dasoop's family and killed everything, excepted him that fled quick enough to hide in the deepest zones of the cave. From that moment, he disliked humans and wished to kill them all to take his revenge for his family and to repair his biggest mistake.

Now, alone, and nowhere to live, Dasoop decided to join a Keeper to live and help them killing pathetic heroes!

Duke Ragereaver Edit:

November 29th, 2009, 23:02
Name : Kosov (which is, once again, a possible name that a creature can get in DK1)

Creature type : Warlock

Gender : Male

Age : 32

Personality : Tolerant, obedient, likes to help even though he doesn't look friendly, enjoys quietness while researching and becomes angry if it's not the case.

Current level : 1

Gold on pocket : 0

Strengths : Great supporter, doesn't require a lot of food, understands quickly and trains a bit faster, is meticulous to details, has great cure capabilities.

Weaknesses : Talks contemptuously to other creatures, isn't very resistant and is poor to melee combat, can provoke mutiny if really angry.

Likes : Libraries, books, magic, helping his mates, quietness, guarding.

Dislikes : Vampires, manufacturers, troublesome creatures while researching, idle imps, loud noises.

Abilities :
Level 1 : Attack
Level 2 : Fireball
Level 3 : Heal creature
Level 5 : Sight
Level 6 : Meteor
Level 8 : Protect creature
Level 9 : Hailstorm
Level 10 : Thunderstorm

Other things : Dreams to have a Dragon as a pet or best friend.

Realm : Red Crystal Islands

Biography : Kosov didn't get an easy life as an apprentice Warlock. When he was young, at the Warlock school, he was the punchbag of his class. Other young Warlocks insulted him to be ugly and stupid and they casted humiliating spell at him. However, he was very brilliant and could finally get his Warlock diploma! Now, much powerful, he decided to leave that nightmare and join a Keeper to forget everything and get a nice Warlock life.