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September 1st, 2009, 10:59
Name: Dranton

Creature type: Beetle

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (never kept track of it, but it's an "adult" beetle)

Disciplined and obedient, but sometimes tends to offer his "tactics" and "opinions" before executing orders.

var Current_level = 5;

var Gold_Held = "Check Sig";

Strengths: Tough shell, acts as armor; Immune to poison.

Weakness: Weakness to fire and fire-based attacks (therefore hates fire and heat); Sometimes tends to panic if attacked by fire-based attacks.

Loves/likes: Working/training with others, tactical combat.

Hates/dislikes: Lava, fire, heat; Solo attacks.

Lv.1 = Attack
Lv.4 = Heal (Self)
Lv.8 = Freeze
Lv.10 = Hailstorm

Realm Active: (none)

Other things:
Likes to work/train alongside others, but usually likes to chat with them during training/battles, too. Hates to fight alone.

Dranton used to work for a keeper Zaragoth, who trained young keepers. Every now and then, young keepers would come and go, training to become full-fledged keepers in keeper-on-keeper training sessions. Dranton was one of the minions who fought in these "no-killing" conflicts, either on Zaragoth's side or as one of the minions of young keepers.

But one day heroes stumbled upon these "training grounds" and alerted their lord. Since Dranton and many others only fought in non-lethal combat, they were deemed inexperienced to handle the hero invasion and were dismissed to make room for experienced reinforcements, since there were not enough accomodations for everyone. And so, Dranton was sent to find a new keeper whom he'll work for.

Dranton joined and served Keeper Larquidos during his campaign in Crystalbarrow catacombs, where he experienced real battle for the first time. However, when Keeper Larquidos moved on to the next realm Dranton was led astray by Keeper Animus' trickery, ending up in his dungeon instead. Now he serves Keeper Animus as his new master.


Before her coma:

Name: Xerina

Creature Type: Dark Elf

Gender: Female

Age 18 (Since elves live for 100s of years, that's very young)

Personality: Serious, patient, obedient, yet not very disciplined; has an eye for details (on basically everything)

var Current_level = 5;

var Gold_Held = "Check Sig";

Strengths: High accuracy, very long firing range

Weaknesses: Low health and armor

Likes: Guarding, Sniping

Dislikes: Melee fights, being idle

Lv.1 = Attack (Dagger)
Lv.1 = Arrow (Crossbow)
Lv.3 = Sight (passive)
Lv.6 = Poison Cloud (Gas-bag Arrow)
Lv.8 = Grenade
Lv.10 = Invisibility

Realm Active: (none)

Other Things:
As a good, accurate sniper, she has great sight and potential to see things normally unseen by others. The "Poison Cloud" is NOT the same as Bile Demons'. It's actually a small "bag" filled with poisonous gas fitthed on arrow that gets popped by the arrow head on impact, thus creating similar effect as Bile Demon's Poison Cloud.

Xerina was born in overworld and lived there since she was 16. Although young, she had her share of battles. She participated in several skirmishes and castle defenses, but she always kept her distance from the enemy and struck them from long range with high precision, while most of the others kept enemy occupied (and fought them hand-to-hand). When the castle she protected finally fell to the heroes, she was forced to go underground. The last 2 years of her life she spent in destroyed dungeons and ruined rooms of defeated keepers, during which her eyes got used to the darkness of the underworld. During this time she polished her skills and scavanged the food from half-ruined Hatcheries, while sleeping in almost-ruined Lairs.

After 2 years underground, the heroes seemed to be showing activity near the destroyed dungeon where Xerina was, so she thought it is time to move on and find a new lord (or in this case - keeper) for whom she'll work. Since her bed was actually made so it could be taken apart and then reasembled, she disassembled it and put the parts and sheets in her backpack, after which she walked away from the ruins of the dungeon she called home for the last 2 years.

He eventually came into service of Keeper Larquidos. During her employment in Crystallbarrow Catacombs she was hit by an enemy lightning strike, resulting in her fall into the lava river. She barely survived that and was left badly burnt and in a dreamless coma for some time afterwards. Eventually, she finally woke up and worked for Keeper Larquidos until his campaign in Crystalbarrow Catacombs ended.

When Keeper Larquidos moved on to the next realm Xerina ended up in Keeper Animus' dungeon, due to his trickery. Since then, she works for Keeper Animus.