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April 15th, 2010, 00:03
While another knockoff of the existing Awakening threads, the Testing Grounds does do things a little differently.

1. When creating a creature character, keep the following things in mind:
-Nothing is stronger than another, everything has pros and cons.
-No one can choose Dark Angels, Horned Reapers, Royal Guards, or the Avatar at this time.
-There may be a limited amount of certain creatures available per realm and others may be unlocked via certain means.
-Creature reservation is left up to the manager of that realm, subject to the Test Manager approval (Sire).
-The Test Realm allows up to 2 active creature slots.
-Fill up the creature profile in its respective thread and PM it to Sire. Examples can be found in the Lair subforums of both RPs.
-Feel free to choose any abilities for your creature, but remain within reason.
-You always start at level 1 and with no gold.
-There is a 2 creature limit per player per realm.
-Transferring Creatures

Players can transfer creatures, but a subject to penalties.

Level 1-3 == None
Level 4-5 == 1 Level lost
Level 6-7 == 2 Levels lost
Level 8-9 == 3 Levels lost
Level 10 == 4 Levels lost

However, if a Scavenger room is located in your present realm, it lowers transfer costs by one. If another Scavenger Room is also located in your destination realm, it lowers transfer costs by an additional one.
The level penalty is waived when the creature / hero decides to tag along with his/her same Keeper/LotL into the next realm.

2: Power playing is prohibited. This means if you are "power training", or taking part in every activity with the fastest progression and neglecting the others. In simple terms, ignoring tasks/events just to reach the highest possible level is not allowed.

3: God modding is a serious offensive and is out of the question. This also includes players that god mod against NPCs. An example is below.

Player A: Character A throws a punch at Character B.
Player B: Character B dodges the attack, grabs Character A and throws him out of a stained glass window. Character A flies at Character B, who warps behind him and slashes Character A in the back.

The only exception is when a Keeper takes control of your creatures. LotL already have his/her own unit, and can not possess other heroes.
Take in account enemy abilities as well. They will use their abilities against you and your allies!

4. Board rules still apply in all RPG posts. If you must swear, **** it out or don't do it at all. Use mild swears at own risk.

5. The realm manager has the power to kick you out of the RP as he or she sees fit.

6: Killing another player's creature is not allowed. Only exception is if you have that player's consent and permission to be killed. Also note that you can be just knocked out and dragged to safety by your respective worker or ally.

7. Do not spam in RPG threads, others must post too you know!

8. There is a required minimum of four full sentences and 4 full lines of text for EVERY post. (Keep in mind that this is higher than the Awakening)

9. And finally, the most important rule of all...
Order me pie!
No, seriously, have fun and enjoy the roleplay. That is what it was created for, pure enjoyment and fun.