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April 15th, 2010, 00:44
Name: Keeper Stravos
Original Creature Type: Beetle of War
Preferred Creature Type: Beetle (specifically, Beetles of War)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Personality: Stubborn, Disciplined, Emotionless (a little)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Current Realm: Asgard
Total Gold: Unknown

-Extremely adept on the field of battle due to past war experiences.
-Excellent at adapting to possessed forms.
-Excellent interrogator.

-Can be merciless.
-Can be strict in keeping his dungeon disciplined.
-Unforgiving, will hold grudges to the death.
-Vulnerable to fire in life, he is still vulnerable even in death.

-Beetles of War

-Undisciplined minions

Other Things:
If Stravos takes a physical form, it is that of a Beetle of War, simulating his appearance before he died and became a Dungeon Keeper.

Stravos was once a renowned Beetle of War, a commander of the highest rank and whose legacy surpassed any other commander of the Beetles of War. He devastated fortresses with ease, and slaughtered countless civilians, warriors, and even legends with his own pincers.
Time went on, and there was victory after victory. As soon as a kingdom was conquered, news would spread that there was another. Stravos met each kingdom and tore them down with his Beetle army. Alas, more time passed, and the sport grew old. It was the same old heroes struggling to eck out an existence, and they were ruthlessly slaughtered time after time with fewer and fewer losses on the Beetles of War side.
After so many conquests, Stravos halted his crusade, and ordered his troops to safeguard one of the last surviving refugee camps in a far off kingdom. The refugees within feared, but as time passed it grew evident that the beetles were not hostile. Their allegiance proved evident when an opposing Keeper sought to raze the fortress for its plentiful gem seams, but Stravos' army decimated the insurgent, and Stravos destroying the Keeper's heart himself.
More time passed, and Stravos heard the call of war once again. A portal unlike he has never seen before appeared before him, and he took his legions and went through, never to be heard from again...
That is, until now. Stravos perished on the field of battle, but his spirit was taken by the Dark Gods and placed within a Dungeon Heart. He seeks his vengeance on the one who has slain him. His past, present, and future a mystery, no one knows the true nature of Stravos. As a minion, you must discover how he is, and help him bring about unholy retribution on his killer.

While Posting:
Thy Post Itself

Posts of Legend:
Post 3 of Asgard (Stravos arrives in the realm of Asgard)
Post 93 of Asgard (Epic Narration)
Post 100 of Asgard (Epic Narration)

Experience Log:
N / A

April 17th, 2010, 18:51
Name: Victor ''Beetle of War''
Creature type: Beetle
Gender: Male
Age: 27 (Appearance in Human Years)
Personality: Emotionless, War-like, Disciplined
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Current level: 3
Gold: 0
-On Hand: 0

-Combat (High Defense and Damage)
-Excellent Torturer

-When not fighting, he gets angered quite easily (only when bothered).
-Is merciless, will cause a problem when a Keeper wishes to spare or capture a target.
-Extremely unforgiving, will hold grudges to the grave.
-Weakness to fire-based attacks due to metal armor.

-The Battlefield

-Being in the ''reserves''
-Not in combat or training.

Level One: Attack
Level Three: Heal Self
Level Four: Protect Self
Level Eight: Rebound

Other Things:
Appearance of a normal beetle, outfitted with metal platings and armor.

Realm: Asgard

Victor is a Beetle of War, which is a certain species or a group of beetles that somehow obtain and wear metal armor. These creatures are extremely more deadly than their normal counterparts, and are known to organize into formations and march to their destination.
Victor himself is a seasoned warrior. His last mission involved invading a hero garrison meant to protect refugees from the village above. It is said that none of the defenders or the occupants made it out alive.
This ''Beetle of War'' now searches for a new challenge, and upon hearing the call of a new kingdom to ravage, Victor left the ranks to serve under the leadership of a Keeper.
Only time will tell what lies in store for this merciless beetle, and the unfortunate victims he may slaughter…

While Posting:
Thy Post Itself

-Level 1 Knight :lord:: Kleaf -- Beheaded (Post 336 of Northland Iceland)

-Demon Spawn Suria :demon:: Bandaged and moved Knight that was crushing her. (Post 339 of Northland Iceland)

Posts of Legend:
Post 282 of Northland Iceland (Victor enters Northland Iceland)
Post 411 of Northland Iceland (Victor departs from Northland Iceland)
Post 100 of Asgard (Epic Narration and Intro)

Experience Log:
Training = 1 (1/3) Northland Iceland, Post 282
Training = 1 (2/3 Northland Iceland, Post 308
Battle = 1.5 (Level Up, Now Level 2 -- .5/5) Northland Iceland, Post 318
Battle = 1.5 (2/5) Northland Iceland, Post 326
Battle = 1.5 (3.5/5) Northland Iceland, Post 336
Battle = 1.5 (Level Up, now level 3 -- 0/8) Northland Iceland, Post 339
Battle = 1.5 (1.5/8) Northland Iceland, Post 347
Battle = 1.5 (3/8) Northland Iceland, Post 363
Battle = 1.5 (4.5/8) Nothland Iceland, Post 368
Training = 1 (5.5/8) Northland Iceland, Post 405

May 12th, 2010, 02:29

May 12th, 2010, 02:32

Name: Sara "Sky Wanderer"
Creature Type: Fly
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Personality: Shy, Secretive, Disciplined
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Current level: 1
Total Gold: 0
-On Hand: 0

-Excellent reconnaissance
-Adept at fighting other flying creatures

-Weakness to her personal past
-Weakness to seeing joyful emotions

-Flying in wide, open areas
-Personal freedom

-Cramped into very small areas (However, she is used to the dungeon environment)
-People that delve into her past

Level 1: Attack
Level 3: Sight
Level 5: Speed
Level 8: Whirlwind
Level 10: Invisibility

Other Things:
Sara is slightly smaller than the average Fly.

Realm: N / A


Sara once lived on an open prairie with her parents. She was an only child, and loved to fly in the open air with the supervision of her mother anf father. At the age of nine, her father grew ill, and died one year later. Sara's mother, overcome with grief, soon also fell victim to the illness and died that same year.
A traveling Knight by the name of Derrick found Sara when she was 15. Despite the differences between the two, he took her under his care and taught her everything he knew. However, one day Derrick was reassigned to a new realm that was about to conduct an experiment with a certain creature to test the limits of its intelligence. Upon hearing the news, Sara became ill herself and would have followed the path of her parents, if it wasn't for the aid of a local priestess who cured her.
Sara and Derrick parted ways, and Sara was on her own. She entered the portal system that led to many different lands where she could put her skills to good use. Sara soon arrived in Asgard and began her journey...

While Posting:
Thy Post Itself

N / A

N / A

Posts of Legend:
Post 12 of Asgard (Sara arrives at Asgard)
Post 18 of Asgard (Double Post with Evi's Ba-Ka)

Experience Log:
Battle = 1.5 (1.5/3) Asgard, Post 12
Battle = 1.5 (Level Up, now Level 2 -- 0/5) Asgard, Post 14
Battle = 1.5 (1.5/5) Asgard, Post 18
Training = 1 (2.5/5) Asgard, Post 49
Training = 1 (3.5/5) Asgard, Post 52

May 12th, 2010, 02:34

Here is where I post random stuff about my characters, such as plans and personal settings that I use. This is more or less identical to the Profile Extras.

Summary Posts:

[Name] Summary:
Level: #
Health: ###%
Gold: #
Mood: [Mood]
Status: [Status]
Summary: [Summary of Post]

Note: I normally copy / paste my most recent summary, editing it as needed.

Current Leveling System
This is the leveling system that I use. To see an experience log, view that character's profile. There is room for improvement on this leveling method.

Note that every time the creature gains a level, the meter resets.
Also note that this is the system always used, even if changed. Thus, even if I said I leveled up in a post, I may have leveled earlier or at a later post due to changes to the system. These changes will be reflected in the logs as well as my signature, but not in the posts themselves.

Training / Combat Pit Posts = 1 Point
Battle Posts = 1.5 Points
Realm Completion = 5 Points

Pattern: N+1

1 -> 2 : 3 Points
2 -> 3 : 5 Points
3 -> 4 : 8 Points
4 -> 5 : 12 Points
5 -> 6 : 17 Points
6 -> 7 : 23 Points
7 -> 8 : 30 Points
8 -> 9 : 38 Points
9 -> 10 : 47 Points

Future Plans: (Testing Grounds)

Victor will be unkillable and is my new main RP Character. He was last seen participating in a major battle in one of the Test Realms.
Sara is planned to be either in retired status or move to a normal Awakening realm.
Gordo may join the realm Asgard at a later date.