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April 15th, 2010, 01:48
Name: Ba-Ka
Creature Type: Goblin
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Personality: Acts like a generic soldier, and often calls people he dislikes MAGGOTS!
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Current level: 2
Total Gold: 0
-On Hand: 0

Strengths: Very Loyal to Keeper
Is fairly strong

Weaknesses: Always speak like, "Sir!"
May annoy Warlocks with his speech

Likes: Obeying Orders

Dislikes: Being Ignored by the Keeper

Level One: Melee
Level Three: Protect Self
Level Seven: Speed Self

Other Things: Instead of a normal Goblin helmet, he wears a modern Soldier helmet. His skin is red. His weapon is a giant hammer.

Realm: Asgard

Biography: Ba-Ka painfully trained his body for ten years in the Overworld. He fought with many creatures, he even once rode a Scorpion.


Name: Tyiee
Creature Type: Pixie
Gender: Female
Age: ??? (Pixies don't age!)
Personality: Playful and mischievous. NEVER serious.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Current level: 1
Total Gold: 0
-On Hand: 0

Awesome Healer
Pretty Fast
Has decent spells

Plays Pranks on others

Funny People
Stealing Gold from Others, friend or foe.

Boring People
Being Slapped
Being called a Child



-Look In Pixie Suggestion Thread-

Other Things:
Tyiee's leotard is purple, instead of the common green. Her hair is violet, and she has red eyes like all the other Pixies.

Realm: Asgard

Biography: Tyiee's adventures turned against her, as she found herself trapped within the dark damps of the underground. She managed to avoid many creatures that were hiding in the darkness, but her luck ran out when two Scorpions found her.

She couldn't fight them back, and believed everything in the underground was her enemy.
She saw a Goblin insult one of the Scorpions and they fought. Suddenly she found herself being rammed by the Fly, and the Goblin fighting the second Scorpion.

She decided if she is going to die, she will at least scar the Goblin's face, as she charged at him. Soon finding out it was a AWFUL idea, she was slammed to the ground, and a foot was placed onto her back. Not able to do anything, Tyiee saw was the Fly charging at her. It hits her, driving all her breath out of her, and faded into unconsciousness.
She found herself bounded, with a mean looking red Goblin front of her, and after one of the worst things in the world done to her... She joins the Keeper.