These are to be held the set of rules for playing online.


If you agree with the other party(ies) to play the game as it is created, meaning, not using any of the below written restrictions, you are free to do so.


All contests and tournaments are to be held on the 1.3 version of the game. DK2 v. 1.3 has a very stable multiplayer hosting. Games crash very rarely, there is no players 0 error, creature/door/trap/spell pool does not change it's fixed numbers, lag is not constantly growing and many more.

If, however, you use any of the implemented features after 1.51 update, that include New creature (maiden), this creature's spells, new trap (jack-in-the-box), elite monsters or a hero potal, you are forced to use version 1.73.

All maps should be converted from 1.7 to 1.3 version to be playable. This is done easily, read more here.

If you cannot convert a map, ask me, I will help you.

If you do not feel like following the No #1 rule, the following rules are to be applied:

1. Combat Pit is limited to 5x6 tiles. There can be only one Compat Pit at any given time.

2. Graveyard is limited to 5x6 tiles. There can be only one Graveyard at any given time.

Each player is limited to no more than 3 fully functional Temples.

4. Creating creatures through sacrificing is limited only to the lowest tiers. You cannot create vampires or mistresses.

Rule violations and punishment

Minor violation, like making more Temples than 3 or a larger combat pit (for example 4 temples and 9x9 CP), is to be resolved between the parties.

Moderate violations, like Spamming creatures through temple, ignoring other regulations, will end up in a failure of the game of a cheating party.

Repetitive violations of rules of a particular player will end up in bad reputation (we are a rather small community) and if participating in a Ladder, the removal from one.



This applies only to the competition and ladder matches. All the other games are to be played as anyone wishes.
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