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  1. I think you give me too much credit. The way I see it, the resolution post from Duke came so soon after mine that he and MGR were either already discussing the issue (and hence it wouldn't have had an influence) or they did so soon enough after to still have either not read it or not digested it.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having made a difference, but I don't think I did =P
  2. Wow... You might not believe this, but I think I actually saw you (or someone similar) in one of my dreams about a month ago, in a situation similar to what happened here with the GMs.

    In that dream, there was a gathering of people who play some online game - and I was one of the players. Soon 2 players (with me being one of them) start arguing and people start dividing, supporting 1 of those 2. Then, a blonde teen interferes, calming everyone down and helping us resolve the dispute. In the end, he invites us to "play the game we're all so fond of and have fun together". I remember thinking "What an idiot I was, arguing instead of resolving the dispute. Yet this mere kid managed to help us settle everything, showing more maturity than all of us.".

    I'd say that's about how I feel now, after this GM dispute have been resolved. I can't believe I actually made the same stupid mistake twice. -_-
  3. It was blonde enough to make Hitler blush when I was younger, but now it is a run of the mill brown. And yes, I am 16, though only for a few weeks more. Free stuff pending =P
  4. I know this might be a weird question to ask, but... is your hair blonde? Also, you're 16 now, right?
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