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  1. Hi!
    The models are all just sitting in my WFTO folder, 20 Gigs of it.. I'm not part of the wfto team anymore, because every 12 months or so we "reboot", meaning new engine, or new design requiring different models.
    NBK > WFTO > UDK > Updated & New Models > Completely different Models

    I'll probably give them to another team if they make a DK game though

    Best of luck to you guys and KK as well, and Merry X-mas!
  2. Hey bluto, I have been an avid checker on the great progress you have done with this. Well i should say had... what i really wanted to ask is, do you have any plans to take the models you have created and try to get another team together? or have you given up on the dream all together? I could follow war for the overworld. But to tell you the truth from what i have seen only pisses me off, just because of the fact i know what this project could have been.. not to mention i have money down the models will come nothing close to what you could pump out!! well thanks for you time and hopefully i will get a response. Best of luck Bluto hope you find your way into the industry.
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