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  1. You should. For a writer I had very low self confidence. Posting my ideas on forums built that up fpr me. Now look at me, I'm assisstant writer on Wfto, I LOVE DUNGEON KEEPER!?!?!? LOL. Besides people like Rex make it all worth it as if he don't like ur ideas much YOU WILL KNOW IT. hE AINT MY IDEAS BIGGEST FAN and it helps me to keep coming back stronger... i hope.
  2. don't worry, you'll get the hang of making creatures. If I weren't lazy and didn't lack self confidence, I'd whip up some suggestions
  3. Im so dum. Thats all you meant, lol. I will, but im still undecided as to if it is a creature or a boss.
  4. you should put the [creature] and [boss creature] labels on the suggestions
  5. What do you mean regarding your post on the Rat King Thread
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