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New Game+ (KeeperFX campaign)

Uploaded by YourMaster - November 14th, 2014
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"A Dungeon Keeper - New Game+" is the original campaign for experienced players.
The levels have received minor tweaks to make them interesting again. A slight increase in difficulty, but still below that of "The Deeper Dungeons".

Version 20180314. Requires KeeperFX 0.4.6 or newer or 0.4.5 with nightly build 1621 or newer. This campaign is already included when you download KeeperFX Unofficial.

What's different from the original campaign:
  • Tutorial levels streamlined for experienced players: Faster, no tutorial messages.
  • Additional hero’s added in first few levels. Not to increase difficulty, but to at least include a fight.
  • Boosted all rival keepers with the best AI, a dungeon to start out with and a prison. This to compensate for the lack of a brain.
  • Transfer creature special is no longer ‘easy mode’. The first 7 levels assume you transfer a creature when available; the other levels have the transfer special removed or only accessible by earning it.
  • The two secret levels with the ‘Rogue Imps’ now truly have Rogue imps. It will take a skilled player to complete them, and the reward is reduced.
  • Small tweaks to the levels to prevent the player cheesing through. Starting on level 7, expect to be challenged.
  • In level 16 and 18 the player is rewarded for taking the second portal.

To install extract the archive to your KeeperFX installation directory.

  • 20180314 - Included updates already made on KeeperFX Unofficial. Lvl7 improved, Lvl16 updated, Lvl18 modified, small fix on Lvl19.
  • 20160421 - Level 6 tweaked to make rushing more difficult.
  • 20150727 - Bug in KeeperFX 0.4.6 stops low-gold keepers from mining. Gave blue on lvl5 more gold as a workaround.
  • 20150314 - Fixed party not spawning in level 9, updated objective zoom locations.
  • 20141129 - Boosted difficulty of last 6 levels. Update to match r1484, outro movie.
  • 20141120 - Level 9 updated, Transfer-action point replaced with hero gate. Tunneler will now always spawn within, and more visibility for player.
  • 20141116 - Level 15/16 updated, transfer special was available without earning it.
  • 20141114 - Original release

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