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Uploaded by YourMaster - December 11th, 2014
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The user Dragonslover has made a patch to improve the gameplay of dungeon keeper. This patch has been implemented into KeeperFX directly, so by downloading and installing KeeperFX you get the Dragonslover changes.

Great effort went into the patch, but unfortunately some mistakes were made, and some changes simply aren't to every-bodies liking. Work on completing/fixing this patch - and work on getting this patch out of the game by default - has since been abandoned. This means that maps created with either the original Dungeon Keeper or with KeeperFX in mind, will play out completely different in the other.

The Dragonslover patch changed:
  • Skills and spells learned by creatures
  • Jobs creatures do and don't do
  • Cost and Power of Keeper Spells
  • Time it takes to research spells and rooms
  • Traps - costs, power and the order they are built
  • Stats of creatures
  • How fast creatures train

In KeeperFX 0.4.6 some of the Dragonslover changes have been reverted, but many remain. KeeperFX also contains a design flaw: Enabling creatures to retreat when low on health, makes them fearful in battle. Also, ranged creatures with low strength are fearful in general and will refuse to fight even weaker opponents.

Download the DragonSlayer patch, extract it to your game directory and run it to restore the original settings

The patch is fully customizable - keep the Dragonslover settings you liked, or remove more settings than this patch does by default.

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