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Dread Mountain (KeeperFX Map)

Uploaded by YourMaster - October 24th, 2015
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Dread Mountain.
Your dungeon was a fart invested hell hole ruled by Bile Demons until Heroes started attacking you through a mountain pass.
A rival keeper has a dungeon between you and them and he is not about to let you cross his part of the realm. He is walled in tight.
Gain power by claiming hatcheries, then find the hidden passages through the mountains to destroy both your rival and the heroes.

Requires KeeperFX 0.4.6 or newer to play.

This map features:
  • Bile Demons that will plot against your skeletons.
  • A magical generator that will provide you with imps, but at the cost of your ghosts.
  • A maze through the mountains.
  • Progression through claiming hatcheries. You can't build your own and don't have a heal spell.
  • A portal limit that ignores the heroes you've converted.
  • A fair amount of gold so that you won't run out.

Installation instructions:
  • Click the big green download button to download the zip file with the level files.
  • Open the zip-file and 'extract to' your KeeperFX\Levels folder.
  • Start the game and look in the 'Free Play Levels' menu for the map.

If you want to know more, enjoyed it, hated it, or find a problem please leave a message in this topic. It was made to demonstrate the use of 'Slab 50', see this topic for more info.

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  • Dread Mountain (KeeperFX Map)


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