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DK Small Utilities

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Uploaded by YourMaster - February 21st, 2020
Author Author Jon Skeet
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Dungeon Keeper Utilities by John Skeet. This is a utility pack with several useful tools for people with an interest in Dungeon Keeper beyond playing the game. To get them to work extract them to the root directory of the Dungeon Keeper game.

  • xsfx: Sound extractor
  • xgfx: Static graphics extractor
  • exanim: Animation frame extractor
  • terrain: Terrain extractor
  • rsfx: Sound effect reverser
  • script: Level script editor (unfinished)
  • dktext: Command line editor for text.dat (so your level scripts can refer to your own text)
  • dklevel: Archiver for Dungeon Keeper levels
  • rnc/dernc: Compressor/decompressor for RNC compressed files.
  • cfg: Editor for creature.txt


  • DK Small Utilities


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