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Uploaded by dotted - June 10th, 2010
Author Author mefistotelis
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Dungeon Keeper Fan Expansion

KeeperFX is an extensive mod for Dungeon Keeper.

It is written by fans and not supported by original developer.
It uses some of original Dungeon Keeper data, but many files
are also modified or remade.

Installation of KeeperFX CCP:

KeeperFX CCP contains all the files necessary to play the game.
Decompress it anywhere, and it's ready to run. If you wish
to change language, edit "keeperfx.cfg" and set its shortcut
in the 'LANGUAGE=' line. Run "keeperfx.exe" to start the game.
If something doesn't work, see the 'troubleshooting' section.

Please note that there are two types of releases: complete
version and patch. You need a complete version to play the game;
a patch is only an additional feature, which you can use by
overwriting some files from complete version with new ones.

Installation over original DK:

From ver 0.33 of KeeperFX, installation over the original DK
is no longer supported.

Available languages:

The following languages are currently functional:
The following languages are partially functional:
Note that some campaigns may not support your language.
In this case, default language will be used inside this

Running KeeperFX:

To start the game, run "keeperfx.exe". If you want to report
any errors you encounter, you may run "keeperfx_dbg.exe"
instead. This will run a "debug version", which writes a lot of
information into "keeperfx.log". In case of the game hanging
on suddenly disappearing, you may send a last few lines of the
generated LOG to the author with your description of the bug.

Note that "keeperfx_dbg.exe" requires a lot more CPU than
standard version, and may be slow even on new computers.
Also, the generated LOG file may be very large, and after
a few hours of play it will have several hundreds megabytes.
This is why you should use standard "keeperfx.exe" if you're
not planning reporting any errors.

Both versions will recognize all command line options described

Command line options:

The intro sequence won't play at startup.
The CD Sound tracks won't play.
Allows playing multiplayer maps in skirmish mode.
This is normally ON, so the option has no effect.
-nosound or -s
Disables all the sounds.
-fps <num>
Changes the game speed; default <num> is 20.
Disable the AWE32/64 SoundFonts (.SBK files).
Used to show the 'JLW' easter egg. And not only that.
-level <num>
Brings you directly to level number <num>.
After the level is finished, quits the game.
Note that level number must be 1..65534.
-human <num>
Changes human player to <num>. This option will
work properly only in skirmish mode. Single player
levels must be specially designed for this option
to work. Also, the selected player must have
heart on the map.
Works like '-level 1'.
I assume it converts the columns data. Watch out with
this one or you may be unable to play the game again.
Same thing, but for lights.
Smoothes the 3D view using 1-pixel bilinear blur.
Uses alternate input method. This changes the way of
using mouse, keyboard and video driver. May be helpful
if original method isn't working right (ie. mouse stops).
-packetsave <filename>
Writes a packet file (replay file) when playing.
After using this option, you must start a new level
(or use '-level' parameter). Saved replay will work
properly as long as you won't change any of the game
files. Even a minor change in map or configuration
may make the replay invalid.
-packetload <filename>
Loads a previously created packet file. Starts the
level for which packet file was created, and continues
the gameplay. You may exit this mode by pressing
Alt+X, or take over the control by pressing ALT+T.
Note that this option is experimental, and packet files
may sometimes not work as intended.


Q: Colors are changed in menu or during gameplay,
but no problem is mentioned in "keeperfx.log".
A: Select "Run in 256 colors" and "Run in 640x480" in the
program properties, and change lines in KEEPERFX.CFG
into those written in next answer.

Q: Intro doesn't play. LOG file says:
Error: setup_game: Can't enter movies screen mode to play intro
A: The problem is that your drivers can't support 320x200 mode.
Change the resolution config lines in KEEPERFX.CFG
into those written in next answer.

Q: Game stops when loading a map. LOG file says:
Error: setup_screen_mode: Unable to setup screen resolution
MODE_640_400_8 (mode 10)
A: The problem is that your drivers can't support 640x400 mode.
Change the resolution config lines in KEEPERFX.CFG into:
FRONTEND_RES=MODE_640_480_8 MODE_640_480_8 MODE_640_480_8

Q: The game doesn't run. LOG file says:
Error: setup_strings_data: Strings file couldn't be loaded
or is too small
A: Check if there's a language file in 'FXDATA' folder for the
language which you've selected in KEEPERFX.CFG.

Q: Mouse stops/teleports/moves incorrectly during the game.
A: Try the '-altinput' command line switch.

Q: I get a message 'Cannot initialize' when I try to enter network game.
A: There's no fix; use stanard DK with IPX fix for multiplayer.

Q: There are no special eye effects when I posses Beetle, Fly,
Dragon, Tentacle etc.!
A: Lense effect only work if the game detects over 16MB RAM.
Also, make sure that "fxdata/lenses.cfg" is present and not damaged.

Q: I've found a cheat menu, but it doesn't work!
A: The three cheat menus are only partially functional.

Config file details:

Allows you to select front-end resolution (used inside
menu and for playing movies, but not in actual game)
FRONTEND_RES=<failsafe mode> <movies mode> <menu mode>

Allows you to select up to five in-game resolutions.
Valid modes are: MODE_320_200_8, MODE_320_240_8,
MODE_512_384_8, MODE_640_400_8, MODE_640_480_8,
MODE_800_600_8, MODE_1024_768_8, MODE_1280_1024_8,
You can switch between those resolutions during the
gameplay by pressing Alt+R. Modes over 640x480 are
experimental, and not completely stable.
INGAME_RES=<mode1> <mode2> <mode3> ....

Selects the format in which screenshots will be written.
You can choose between BMP and HSI bitmap format.

This option is used to select language file, used for
displaying texts. It also changes language in mentor
speeches. Note that if the specific campaign doesn't
have support for your language, the default language
will be used.

New in-game commands:

Record a movie
To record a FLC movie, press Shift+M during the game.
A text "REC" will appear to inform you that recording
is on (the text will not be visible in recorded movie).
Note that only video is recorded, no sound. The movie
will be placed in 'SCRSHOTS' folder; you may play it
with "mplayer" or its clones. Note that the generated
file may be large.

Make a screenshot
Use the Shift+C keys to make screenshot. The image may
be written in 'mhwanh' HSI/RAW format, or Windows BMP
format. Format is chosen in KEEPERFX.CFG, 'SCREENSHOT='
option, which may be set to 'HSI' or 'BMP'.

Make and replay packet file
These functions can be only enabled by command line
parameters. You can make a packet file which contains
the replay with '-packetsave' command, and then play it
with '-packetload'. When in the replay, you may always
take over control by pressing Alt+T, or exit with Alt+X.

Release speed mode
This mode is also available in original DK, but here it's
a bit enhanced. Normally, the engine limits amount of
game turns per second. This function allows to stop
controlling speed - the game will work at its maximum speed,
which highly depends on your computer hardware.
To enter released speed mode, press Ctrl+'+' from numpad
section of your keyboard. Pressing it more than once will
increase frameskip - some of the frames will not be drawn,
which will result in even greater increase in speed.
To cancel the effect, press Ctrl+'-' as many times as you
pressed Ctrl+'+' before.

New and modified level script commands:

Allows to add some off-map gold as a reward to a player.
Sets time to be displayed on "bonus timer" - on-screen
time field, used mostly for bonus levels.
Like in original DK, this command accepts one parameter
- number of game turns to start the countdown from.
But now this command can be used to show bonus timer in
any level. Setting game turns to 0 will hide the timer.
Example: BONUS_LEVEL_TIME(12000)
The 2nd parameter can now have the following values:
- 'PLAYERx' - zoom to player's dungeon heart
- positive integer - zoom to Action Point of given number
- negative integer - zoom to Hero Gate of given number
- 'ALL_PLAYERS' - zoom button will be inactive
Lets the game know if the level was designed specially for
KeeperFX. To use new script commands, you must start the
script with LEVEL_VERSION(1). Without it, the new commands
will not work properly.
Allows to play any SOUND or SPEECH from the game.
These works same as in Deeper Dungeons, but allows message
length up to 1024 characters. There are 50 quick message
Same as in DD, but allows longer messages and more control
over zoom button (like in DISPLAY_OBJECTIVE).
Accepts additional XY coordinates of the zoom place.
Allows to set tendencies: IMPRISON and FLEE, for a player's
Note that a player must have prison when IMPRISON command
is trigered; otherwise it won't make any change.
Reveals rectangular map area for given player. Requires
coordinates of area center point, and rectangle dimensions.
Numbers are scaled in subtiles (range is 1..254).
Example: REVEAL_MAP_RECT(PLAYER0,132,96,13,11)
Reveals square area of subtiles around given location.
Location meaning is identical to the one in DISPLAY_OBJECTIVE.
For example, to reveal Hero Gate no.1:
Changes amount of research points needed to discover an item
in library. It doesn't affect research order, only amount
of points. If the item never was in research list, it's added
When this command is first called, the research list for
specified players is cleared. Using it you may create
a research list from beginning. Note that if you won't place
an item on the list, it will not be possible to research it.
So if you're using this command, you must add all items
available on the level to the research list. Example:
[...] - more RESEARCH_ORDER commands should follow.
It's not a command, but may be used instead of most parameters.
If used instead of a number, then should look like:
but may also be used instead of any other value. Examples:
Note that when used instead of player name, RANDOM may return
ALL_PLAYERS. Also, the command shouldn't be used in multiplayer
maps, as it will lead to synchronization problems.
Value represented by RANDOM is selected at start of a map,
and never changes during the gameplay.


Version: 0.37
Rewritten computer tasks list
Added palette stealing protection to video driver
Rewritten some of creature fighting code
Rewritten enemy seeking code for heroes
Fixed green volume box height in clueo (low walls) mode
Rewritten gold stealing code
Remade some creature spells code
Remade some of imps AI code
Remade and fixed some of Ariadne pathfinding system
Campaign list is now sorted
Imp tasks selection rewritten
Creature sprite indexes are now in .CFG files
Campaigns can now have their own creature config files

Version: 0.36
Rewritten some of room sound playing
Modified saved games format (old saves won't work anymore)
Saved game can now be loaded even if loading campaign file fails
Improved handling of player index errors
Improved BONUS_LEVEL_TIME() script command
Remade part of creature states system

Version: 0.35
Rewritten shot throwing code (for both melee combat and spells)
Rewritten some of Dungeon Heart behaviour
Programming IDE switched to Eclipse for C++
New Makefile and project structure - easier to recompile
Rewritten and fixed Word of Power damage code
Rewritten missing function for new way of storing bonus levels
Rewritten more of eye lenses code, updated lenses config file
Eye lenses now supported in all resolutions
Rewritten part of scavenging code
Rewritten part of the polygon rendering code

Version: 0.34
Some fixups in CPU Identification code
Fixed Imps sacrifice code
Text drawing functions remade
Fixed CTRL+Arrows keys support
Fixed transfer creature bug
New way of storing bonus levels availability
Fixed spell cursors when playing player > 0
Fixed sacrifices when playing player > 0
Asian languages support reached alpha stage
Shift+M key now works in high scores screen
Fixed incorrect memory write on creature suicide

Version: 0.33
Rewritten creature killing code
Improved creature config files
Tooltip drawing code improved
Remade another part of network support
Improved logging system
Creature states are now defined outside DLL
Fixed checking for gold bug (gold digging by computer)
Changed Video and Mouse driver - EXPERIMENTAL
Added '-altinput' command line parameter
Rewritten digging and claiming effects
Rewritten part of imp tasks management
Rewritten and extended creature sacrifice recipes
Censorship no longer bounded to german language

Version: 0.32
Added CPU identification
Rewritten part of spell casting code
Rewritten some of 'Transfer creature' code
Rewritten some possession-related code
RANDOM can now be used instead of most values in script
Remade part of 'player instances' code
More cheat options, like 'Everything is free', now works
Created .LOF Level Overview Files, levels.txt no longer used
Started replacing network support

Version: 0.31
Fixed disappearing creatures in zoom box
Updated zoom level for various resolutions
Rewritten even more of Hand Of Evil support
Rewritten heap support for sound and speech samples
Replaced CREATURE.TXT with multiple .CFG files.
Rewritten network GUI functions
Changed RESEARCH and added RESEARCH_ORDER commands

Version: 0.30
Fixed Hand Of Evil support code
Added range to 'REVEAL_MAP_LOCATION'
Campaign files improved (file locations, options)
Some more unification in accessing array elements
Rewritten some network support functions
Rewritten credits screen, added credits file

Version: 0.29
Added new script command, 'REVEAL_MAP_RECT'
Added new script command, 'REVEAL_MAP_LOCATION'
Hand of Evil code has been rewritten
Fixed memory leak in keeper AI module
Fixed problem with 'IF_AVAILABLE' command
Added support of multiple campaigns (not tested)

Version: 0.28b
Rewritten more of script support, warnings added
Added new script command, 'PLAY_MESSAGE'
Added new script command, 'ADD_GOLD_TO_PLAYER'
Added new script command, 'SET_CREATURE_TENDENCIES'
Finished work on QUICK_* script commands support
Fixed spells visibility in zoom box of map view
DISPLAY_INFORMATION now requires two parameters (added zoom location)
QUICK_INFORMATION now requires three parameters (added zoom location)
When selling multiple traps on same tile, total cost is displayed
Text file is now selected based on language setting in "keeperfx.cfg"
Fixed room selling (v0.28a)
Fixed wage and luck value displayed in creature info panel (v0.28a)
Fixed typing mistake in hero party objectives (v0.28b)
Fixed ALL_DUNGEONS_DESTROYED implementation error (v0.28b)

Version: 0.27a
Rewritten most of the world view screen
Allowed map numbers over 255
Fixed mistake in function create_room
All levels are available when whole campaign is passed
Campaign configuration file improved
LIF files support adopted from Deeper Dungeons
Free level selection screen adopted from Deeper Dungeons
New High Scores support code
Strings (text.dat) replaced with those from DD (dd1text.dat)
Script command QUICK_OBJECTIVE is now supported
Compiled under new MinGW environment
Some functions of Cheat Mode are now functional
Continue file creation code unified and improved
Started work on support of QUICK_INFORMATION command
Fixed mistake in trap manufacture code (v0.27a)

Version: 0.26
Rewritten minimap control code, fixed for 640x480
Smarter WLB flags regeneration
Rewritten part of 'player instances' code
Better memory cleaning after a level is finished
Bonus levels are preserved in 'Continue game'
Transferred creature is preserved (for one use only)
Fixed disappearing menu content problem
Fixed ending statistics when finishing loaded game
Computer player config file created

Version: 0.25
Fixed information button blinking
Rewritten part of the rendering engine
Fixed mouse cursor shift and scrolling at 640x480
Added options to save and load replay (packet file)
Alt+X can now be used to quit the game
Files created by the game are no longer read-only
Rewritten loading of map files

Version: 0.24
Rewritten level script analysis
Added warning and error messages on script loading
Allowed longer messages in script
Fixed problem with CFG file location
Rewritten 'landscape affecting creature'
Added comments to CFG file

Version: 0.23a
Fixed time counter sound in bonus levels
Fixed bad memory read in creatures tab code
Created a campaign file which stores level numbers
More error-safe config file support
More inputs left when lost (screnshot, minimap zoom, etc.)
Renamed campaign file to load properly (the .23a release)

Version: 0.22
Reworked more of the packets processing system
Prepared screen resolution ring
Fixed problem with floating spirit on lost level
Screenshots now work not only in game, but also in menu
Improved quality of in-game map screen
Fixed a 'sudden speedup' problem when playing > 50 minutes

Version: 0.21
Video compression improved for high resolution
Added command line option to change player in skirmish
Added function of writing screenshots in BMP format
Reworked part of the packets processing system
Config file separated from original DK

Version: 0.20
Message will show if a command line option is wrong
Updated delay function to not use 'hlt' command
Fixed object tooltips to show when mouse is on something
Fixed load slots counting error from v0.19
Rewritten GUI initialization arrays
Rewritten and fixed movie recording
Allowed to record movie in high resolution

Version: 0.19
Rewritten GUI events system
Rewritten some easter eggs
Fixed music support problem from v0.18
Game will try to continue if can't enter low-res mode
Compiled using new version of GCC

Version: 0.18
Rewritten frontend state control and menu speed
Added high resolution loading screen
Renewed video playing code and fading

Version: 0.17
Rewritten main loop and game speed control
Fixed screen object destructor
Rewritten part of mouse support
Made exit possibility when playing with '-level' option

Version: 0.16
Finished logging module and log file creation

Version: 0.15
Reworked the main initiation function
Added introduction screen by Madkill

Version: 0.14
Added some command line options from Beta
Reworked moon phase calculation

Version: 0.13
LbBullfrogMain() reworked
Command line parameters reworked and fixed a bit

Version: 0.11
Managed to make the DLL working (at last!)

Known problems:
Mouse stops when trying to use multiplayer
Movie encoding doesn't properly support high res

Tomasz Lis aka Mefistotelis


Part of the code closed into DLL and some data files
are copyrighted by Bullfrog Productions.




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