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Undead Keeper Campaign

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Uploaded by Duke Ragereaver - September 8th, 2010
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A short campaign consisting out of 6 challenging maps (no bonus maps) using only undead minions! Hope you enjoy this campaign, as of 8 September 2010, this campaign is finished! This campaign has been updated as of 03-03-2011

Campaign Overview

You have been ousted by a clan of rival Keepers led by the powerful patriarch of the clan, Bane. Most, if all, of your minions choose to desert you rather than fight for you and so you have been beaten back. Take your vengeance by using minions that do not fear dead and will stay with you to the bitter end, the undead!

"Winterrage - In the cold and icy mountains that are in the center of the country, is located a big city filled with pesky heroes. A real battlefield awaits you, where the white snow should be soaked of red!"

Rosefield Cathedral
"Rosefield Cathedral - This is a very holy place, which is not good for our undead armies. A lot of paladins and monks are visiting this place, filled with the disgusting smell of flowers. A real place to reduce to ashes!"

Arbor Heights
''Arbor Heights - This is an ancient bastion of everlasting happiness, carved into a mountain... bleh. I highly suggest to reduce this pathetic fortress to rumbles by flattening it.''

''Drachenfeld - Dragons with a fiery temper rule this realm, stomping and burning everyone foolish enough that stands in their way. It's time someone teaches these overgrown lizards a lesson in humility.''

''Ashspire - Of all the places, the enemy make his stand inside a giant volcano with superior numbers and forces. Prepare to flush them all out, one way or another!''

''Dawnterror - This is truly a forsaken place; you cannot see the sun from this place and the howling wind cuts to the bone, lovely. The only thing I nitpick about the realm is the presence of Keeper Bane, who still sits on a false throne while the realms around it burned down. Have your final vengeance here.''

Note: A big thanks to DragonsLover to help me write some of these lines. And A New Room for voicing them in KeeperFX.




September 12th, 2010 at 07:04
That looks fun! I may try this out
June 27th, 2011 at 00:02
This campaing is great! Good Job!