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Uploaded by Duke Ragereaver - October 9th, 2011
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A short campaign consisting out of 6 challenging maps (including 1 bonus) using only undead minions! As of 9 October 2011, this campaign has been released.

Campaign Overview

The Heroes have been regrouped and reorganized under their new leader, the old and powerful Wizard Lucian. Under his leadership, the Heroes have withdrawn to yet unexplored ancient, untamed realms. Powerful, vicious and relentless Keepers linger in those realms.

Pursue the Heroes and tame these mysterious lands with your undead legions and destroy all opposition once and for all.

An evil Keeper by the name of Dracovich has his designs for this realm. Let him know how you feel about those plans... in the appriopiate way of course.

Havoth Dir:
The Heroes are getting somewhat nervous and have send an army to attack you. Use the resources you have available to build an even bigger force and crush that so-called army.

A pathetic duo known as Umbra and Abominor pride themselves being an unbeatable team, claiming that even Gods cower in their presence. Show them the error of their ways once seperated, the hard way.

The Heroes have restored a fortress here that belonged to some legendary Samurai warrior. Alas, he was slain along with his men and his castle fell into ruin. I must say this was not a smart move on the Heroes' part because the piles of corpses will provide you with a steady amount of warriors. However, you are not the only one with the ability of necromancy, Nex seeks to make this realm a paradise of darkness. Destroy her, and raze this fortress to the ground. It seems like deja vu all over again!''

The Heroes are preparing for their last stand, which is, naturally, only delaying the inevitable. The Wizard Lucian himself will be present, so prepare for a long and tough fight. They are coming! But wait.. I can feel something riling up the Heroes on the other side of the realm…

Three Spirits magically protect the realm, preventing you from building up a dungeon and army. However, with the aid of some buried, ancient evil that is eager for vengeance I have a feeling we can overcome the Spirits!




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