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DK2 Campaign Fixes 0.27

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Uploaded by drubjak - June 11th, 2011
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Updated DK2 Campaign Fixes

this is update for my previous map pack: "Updated (harder) DK2 Campaign"


0.27 Fix
Level 12
Now the enemy keeper is quite stronger and very well defended. Your mission is to defeat him with dead army.
+Some neutral skeletons are deleted
+Good player's base is also well protected.
+Map is full of lost dwarfs, some of them are almost dead, some of them appeared skeletons
+Special items also replaced.
+Secret place, where wizards are protecting librory which will help you to defeat keeper.

0.26 Fix
Level 3
-Just level fixes. quite higher heros' levels.

Level 6a
Level fixes, now hero armies are quite stronger.
+ Just added 2 new posts, some guards are guarding the castle from the sides. (if u go on the secret path hidden on the

both sides of the map)

0.24 Fix
1st level
+terrain updated.
Level fixes

2nd level
Some new secrets, absolutelly different from the previos version.
also fixed problem with Lord of the land (now u can finish this level)




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