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Becoming of Nemesis (DK1 Expanded)

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Uploaded by impboy4 - September 10th, 2017
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The expanded version the DK1 campaign which adds the alternate routes for levels 6, 11, and 15 to have it play out like DK2's campaign. Anyone who has trouble with one of these levels from the main path can play these alternates.

Update 09/21/17 - For people who use 1.51+ versions of the game this is for you: AI will train creatures in the pit on levels that have it available. You have to restart the level once loaded in order for them to use it though. Also changed the AI's behavior on attacking a bit as well.

Update 09/26/17 - Tunneling Dwarfs now work as intended on any level they are featured in.

Update 10/05/17 - MAJOR UPDATE! Horny can be attracted through levels where you own a temple (you need at least a 3x3 Temple to attract them). Reverted the fear mechanics back to DK2 default. Created skeletons will now not pick up gold from the creature that died inside a prison.

Update 10/12/17 - Prince Felix (AKA The Avatar) got reverted back to default stats during the major update. He has now been fixed. Also, The raiding hero parties in Waterdream Warm will not go around the entire perimeter of the level to get to you (they now go into the water and then have a straight shot towards your dungeon).

Update 10/23/17 - Wishvale's win conditions have been fixed so it won't soft-lock anymore. Horny wasn't given a lair bed on levels 17-20 but now he can make one. Also fixed the mini-map colors for yellow keeper so they will appear better on 11B. Hearth

Update 10/26/17 - Accuracy fix update on how DK1's progressed. Also added missing Hatchery in Blaise End.

Hotfix Update 10/26/17 - More accuracy fixes.

Hotfix Update 10/26/17 #2 - Even more accuracy fixes.

Update 10/30/17 - Blaise End problems have been fixed.

Update 03/19/18 - AI Changes.

Update 04/01/18 - A lot more of accuracy fixes.

Update 04/19/18 - Fixed AI Gold issues on some maps.

Update 07/20/18 - A LOT of updates. Too many to list; but let's just say they're for accuracy reasons.

Update 09/16/18 - Hotfix update to Level 6 AI getting stuck.

Update 09/24/18 - Hotfix update to Level 19 AI.

Update 01/22/19 - Lord was follower instead of leader in his hero party making Level 18 unwinnable. This has been fixed.


  • Becoming of Nemesis (DK1 Expanded)


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