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Return of the Keeper Campaign - first 3 levels

Uploaded by Zyraen - July 2nd, 2011
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Return of the Keeper Campaign (for KeeperFX)

The Return of the Keeper takes place after the Keepers have departed / slumbered for 100 years. You awaken to find the land suffering under the heavy yoke of the tyrannically good Avatar (Who simply refuses to stay dead), and become obliged to set things Right.

ROTK is considered by me as a "fix / tweak" to improve the challenge level of initial game, fixing exploits (boulder & lava traps, lightning spells, etc) and having limited numbers of Creatures. It is also meant to have some Nostalgia factor, like revisiting Dungeon Keeper 1 but as a very much different gaming experience.

The Heroes are not extremely tougher, but they have been tweaked somewhat and are more sensible. They generally come in Groups and stay in Groups, with more numbers. Plus they are now deployed by Enemy Keepers, who no longer share your (limited) Pool. You may also never convert them.

None of the levels are meant to be bone-bitingly hard, but they should keep you on your toes, rather than make you feel like a leisurely stroll / turtle. It is also good for the Keeper to plan ahead, value and deploy his Creatures wisely, because the Creatures are generally Irreplaceable. Limited Resources against many foes, with no simple exploits to quickly resolve it.

This is a currently a 3 level Campaign, will come up to about 6-8 levels in all. There are also more levels under consideration.

You can download it here.


1) Moonbrush Wood
As a newly awakened Keeper, you search the Libraries for Lore and knowledge on harnessing the more powerful evil Creatures that have dwindled in number. It is also an in-game introduction for the Rules of the Campaign, and details how the creatures have been tweaked. You end by facing a few progressively tougher waves of Heroes, which you likely will have difficulty facing if you don't apply your new-found knowledge at the Temple.

2) Tulipscent
Another familiar realm, you face your first Hero Keeper. Depending on how quickly you move, it can be hard or easy, but generally they will bring the fight to you, but make sure they don't let the Local Heroes (White) come to play against you. From here you will understand what Heroes they have and learn to deal with them Quickly.

3) Woodly Rhyme
You face two enemy Hero Keepers and once you break out to claim your Gems, there will be constant local invaders. If you survive the break-out, your challenge will be to build up with Enemies knocking on your doorstep on two separate fronts. Meantime, the clock ticks as the local Heroes build up...


Proper use of the Campaign involves using 4 .CFG Files (rules, magic, keepcompp, trapdoor) to be placed in FXData folder, and I have included Batch Files for you to install them and restore back without manually doing so. To Use it properly, please unzip with Folders into your KeeperFX folder.

If however you are familiar with manual changing of your CFG files, its best to do so Manually.

I will update this thread as new maps are Released, please feel free to comment also.

from the Readme on the Creature & Hero Changes / Tweaks


from the Readme on other Changes to Rooms, Spells, Traps, Doors, Recipes





August 1st, 2011 at 23:49
Very nice campaing!

When the full version will be available?
August 3rd, 2011 at 08:25
The long version of the reply is on the thread. Practically though, I will aim to be done by late August
August 8th, 2011 at 08:32
Wow thanks for the video Ninja for those interested, this shows the first level, Moonbrush Wood

I've never any of my stuff done up in Youtube before, this is Awesome! I only wish I could understand the words being spoken..

Anyway, it shows the Campaign Premise as well
- Many Heroes, little-to-no Exploits, Few Creatures of each type, managing your gold, the works have Fun!
August 8th, 2011 at 08:34
Oh I forgot to mention, the Dungeon Entry is about 1:40 minutes of the Video...
August 31st, 2011 at 11:52
Nice campaigni! Will try it after finishing Deeper Dungeons (still not finished it)
May 17th, 2012 at 01:27
I'll probably try to finish this up by mid / late next month since I'll be having a break after Exams.