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Uploaded by impboy4 - May 30th, 2019
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Behold, the anniversary campaign for Dungeon Keeper 2.

- Retells the story of the original campaign
- 20 new levels from scratch
- Unused dialogue is used
- Fight with more keepers than before; some are your allies
- Each level is unique in their design

Update: Overlooked two flaws in the last two levels. They've been fixed now.

Update 2: Level 4 has been restored, it was saved over by level 20 by accident so please re-download to fix the problem.

Update 3: Since the level 4 that was restored was an old buggy version I had to fix the map. Please re-download if you want a working level 4.

Update 4: Secret 1's hero invasion scripts had the wrong triggers.

Update 5: Made enemy keeper in level 4 not get stuck when finding gold.

Update 6: Lots of fixes to bugs found by a friend who streamed the whole campaign. Hopefully this is the final update.

Update 6.5: Level 19's enemy keepers do not want to dig their gold border; so i changed the gold placement for all keepers to splotches.

Update 7: Another round of fixes thanks to another friend who streamed the campaign.

Update 7.5: A friend found a bug in level6b with the cameras. I reduced the duration of the cutscenes so the bug won't happen as often. (hopefully)

Update 7.75: Well it seems it still got stuck; so now i made sure the camera script is set to repeat always after done revealing a part of a map.

Update 8: Level 20's hero party scripts have been fixed and made the King's health recharge rate on his own land higher than the default so it shouldn't be an easy kill.

Update 9: Fixed levels 10 and 18.

Update 9.5: Fixed keeper AI in Level 17 a bit.

Update 10: Updated some of the keeper AI in the majority of the levels they appeared in.

Update 10.5: Made some of the AI build faster on some levels.

Update 10.75: A couple AI keepers got stuck when expanding on a couple levels. This has been fixed.

Update 11: Level 20's scripts broke again so I had to fix them again. Also gave yellow a bit more gold.

Update 11.5: King Reginald won't get reinforcements if he's lured outside his central area.

Update 12: Rearranged the keepers on level 20, gave each of them an extra portal; however the hero parties are more frequent.

Update 13: Updated gold seams on level 15 for all AI keepers so they can reach the extra portals.

Update 14: Improved the gold of all AI keepers in all maps as well as a fix to Level 17's scripting.

Update 15: Fixed Level 14's scripting of heroes coming out of the wrong places.

Update 16: More tweaks to the keeper AI.


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