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Natural Born Keeper - 0.2

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Uploaded by MaxHayman - November 19th, 2011
Author Author Max Hayman
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Over the last 2 years a few developers have still contributed to NBK. NBK is a remake of the world famous game 'Dungeon Keeper' by Bullfrog. This is a preview of where the engine is at the moment. This has been forked back from the wfto release at Our new GIT repository is

What's New?

- distance culling
- fog
- saving game ('save ' in console)

- amount of rooms each player has is now displayed
- price of room is displayed
- amount of a particualr room is displayed
- right clicking a room icon now moves the camera over that room

- camera now starts over your dungeon heart
- you can now move you mouse to the edge of the screen to move the camera
- you can now scroll in and out
- you can now use the middle mouse button to rotate camera

- dirt can be selected for mining
- now cost gold and the animation of the cost is displayed

- can now be sorted into different teams, so the AI will work for all teams.

- digging
- claiming dirt (claiming animation is back)
- claiming walls
- return to treasurys to deposit gold.
- now idle when their is nothing to do.

- have been implanted, although they have no AI

- create imp spell works
- destroy wall spell works



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