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Becoming of Nemesis (DK1)

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Uploaded by impboy4 - August 8th, 2017
Author Author Impboy
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The first big campaign that I made that is a remake of all of DK1. Not everything is exact in terms of gameplay but the maps themselves are 1:1 remade.

Update: Removed all the update text and I fixed some things to the campaign.

Update 2: BIG UPDATE - lots of changes to the creature mechanics, removed all the flybys so people can jump right into the map, tweaked the AI of some keepers in a few levels.

Update 2.5: Minor Bugfix Update - Starting camera in Tickle was still at blue keeper's position. It has now moved back to the player's position.

Update 3: BIG UPDATE - Now the campaign can be played from the ingame campaign screen instead of relying on shortcuts. I must warn people who use CD patch 1.51 or GIM 1.51 that you have to ALT+F4 once you win a level.


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September 18th, 2017 at 13:59
Good job on the maps. I am running the DK2 1.8 unofficial patch and seems to work OK except that the messages are coming up blank. Apparently the Demo1.str is not being read correctly. I did unpack it to see what the contents are, but it comes up as 'gibberish' after converting with the strtool. Am I missing something?