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    M'kay. I was hoping a new post, new creature, and Keeper post combo would bring more activity into Crystalbarrow. I also have plans to help out Frozengard too...
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    You obey Ribs or he slap you.

    Oh and PS: Let's keep replying back and forth in Northland to piss off other RPers that there is no Keeper post and Duke too :P XD
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    Hey Searing, you has a Skeleton now. Post in Crystalbarrow to let him out of his cage or he will forever give you headaches as he bangs on the bars! >:D
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    Well... looks like we have no choice but to call off that double post now if you read Northland. >:c

    My internet went out and so I decided to work on that beginning post. It took me an hour because I was tired, yeah that's right, I stayed up to do it too! And then he just kinda ruined it. >:C

    ...I probably won't post in Northland for a while due to my unhappiness. (Not a long while but still)
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    KK is glitching up on me man... I'm scared D:

    Night? It is 6:49 AM for me :P
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    XD oh well, I may be forced to go to sleep instead because I won't have time for a beginning post. I don't want to stay up too much as I really need to make sure I can go to school on Tuesday and I don't want to screw up my scheduale >.<.

    I DO have an idea for what will happen. Basically, Suria is going to reply to everything going on by trying to get involved and get annoyed how things keep happening (The longness bit) and then she'll reply to the last post by saving Admortis' sorry ass. XD just kidding :P

    Though I'm going to be really pissed off if someone saves him first I already need to reply to the OCC thread about Ithique being a bit too powerfulish though, I might as well add it in.

    Mind if Crystice joins the double post? (It'll be a threesome XD (I thought that joke would be appropriate considering what we both just said in our last comments :P)
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    lol, but that does give me an idea of Crystice calling Admortis gay >.> XD I wonder what he'd say in response to that. Though that does give me an idea... (One I most definately won't be using <.>) Hmm, what would Admortis do if Tesonu ordered him to screw Crystice? lol, I am so perverted but yeah I must know or my curiousity will force me to smack you silly ;P

    Also, if you recieve this message before my PM, it is because I have several other important things to do before looking at the RPG like school stuff and some things for an important friend of mine ;P

    Also something for my friend/partner in that Bomberman RPG I mentioned several times as he seems to be getting less active fast on that Bomberman Board place, I am worried something has gone wrong in RL for him.

    Also, about you stealing the 500th post of Northland from me... I KILL YOU!!!
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    Okay, let's see what we can do. Maybe I'll send you a reply after I figure out what the hell happened as I technically didn't read the posts yet >.<

    Well Crystice might try anyways :P But also, Crystice is like Tesonu's pet almost. Only he'll still get mad at her like for the Library incident >.> It could almost work out ;P

    I don't think Tesonu would give the order but he might throw Vermillion in the torture chamber for an hour :P Or better yet, give him 5 seconds to run before he sends a pack of wild Super Chickens after him.
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    Want to have a double post between Suria and Admortis, and beat up some creatures? :3

    Random idea of Crystice seducing Admortis to get him to fight for her and gang up on Vermillion. Would it work? :P (I could have her try it anyways, it might be funny, lol)

    I just noticed that you don't come on that often anymore! D:
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    Hmm, what would happen if Beetlington met Roach? :P
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