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  1. This profile/account has been thoroughly abandoned. i rarely ever come to this site anymore due mainly to the fact that i am not as social as i used to be, and therefor have no use for a forum account. If anyone actually wants to contact me for any reason (which i would find surprising, given the past), i have made my Steam profile available for access through this profile. To any of you that i was unruly, rude, and disgustingly awful to; i'm still sorry for my past actions and behavior and wish i could go back to correct them.

    Best regards to the reader of this message, as well as the entire WFTO team.

    WFTO devs: you're doing a good job on the game. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.
  2. Sure has been a while since i came here... i'm sure a lot has happened... i still feel bad for being an insane, immature jerk back then... *sigh*
  3. I stopped coming on as often as i used to because of other things. sad too... i'm finally more mature...... but what happens happens. its not like i can go into the past and change myself. i apologize to everyone on the forum for being annoying and immature and i hope you can forgive me in some way...
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