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Undead Keeper Campaign : A short campaign consisting out of 6 challenging maps (no bonus maps) using only undead minions! Hop ... September 8th, 2010 1,245
Dungeon Keeper I Sprites : This file contains all the DK1 sprites and their respective animations. November 11th, 2010 2,137
Templars' Nightmare : Templars' Nightmare ''This realm has earned it's name from the worst case scenarios the vigilant ... December 21st, 2010 504
Reaver Verruckt : Reaver Verruckt ''An evil Keeper terrorizes this region, using his vile magic to drive the good pe ... March 9th, 2011 400
Frostsorrow Glacier : Frostsorrow Glacier ''A once goodly Hero by the name of Lord Davareux reigned this land with a jus ... March 20th, 2011 361
Yami : Yami ''A Samurai warrior of great skill has become Shogun of this realm. It's time that someone ... April 9th, 2011 360
Post Undead Keeper : A short campaign consisting out of 6 challenging maps (including 1 bonus) using only undead minions! ... October 9th, 2011 539
Unholy Alliance : Unholy Alliance ''Three Keepers in the north have formed a coalition to oppose you, how pathetic ... August 25th, 2012 373
Tymnath Herez : Tymnath Herez Difficulty rating: Hard This is an ancient realm. Its wealth and knowledge is d ... March 30th, 2017 285
Vuen's Tomb : Vuen’s Tomb Difficulty rating: Hard Long ago a Keeper of legendary proportions, Vuen 'the ... May 6th, 2017 276
Yceglayze Mountain : Yceglayze Mountain Difficulty rating: Hard In the shadow of the Yceglayze Mountain, the sav ... March 3rd, 2018 242
Warrens Revisited : Warrens Revisited Difficulty rating: Medium Many Keepers found their demise in this labyrin ... May 13th, 2018 240
Maze Runner : Maze Runner Find your way out of the largest underground maze using a functional gateway or you ... September 30th, 2020 98