Poll: Who is this "Mentor"? Are there two of them or many?

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Thread: The "Mentor"

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    Keepers are powerful beings from other realm/dimension.

    Mentors are their guide to the world in which DKI and DKII take place. They've more experience in the human realm, although they're likely much weaker than the keepers.

    That's just my opinion

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    new thought, maybe the mentor is actually just the manifestation of an extra sense the keeper has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A New Room View Post
    new thought, maybe the mentor is actually just the manifestation of an extra sense the keeper has.
    I suppose. The Mentor probably isn't even there though. I mean, it sounds like a game-only function. I'm pretty sure Dungeon Keepers are aware of everything in their dungeon as they live through it. But Players wouldn't so it is probably just a game thing.
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    I dont understand what the offered answers mean. the poll is ambiguous.

    ah, figured it out

    well, I guess he is sort of special, so I voted for player only. I dont know who he is, so probably an advisor and mentor.
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    I always saw the mentor as like an older keeper who want powerful enough to do conquesting any more or had been defeated and was helping you as a way of getting revenge

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