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    Default Hellhole

    Name: Hellhole

    Type: Room

    Cost: 4500 gold

    Does: Works like a combination between a Portal and a Scavenger Room. The difference however is that it costs nothing to use and will rarely attract level 1 HOSTILE versions of creatures from the Creature Pool. These creatures must be subdued and then converted in the torture chamber for you to be able to use them. The more creatures you have working the more hostile creatures are dragged out. If an enemy Keeper has a Hellhole creatures working in his Hellhole may be dragged out instead of level 1 hostile creatures from the pool. If an enemy Keeper's creature is dragged out it cannot be picked up for say, 30 seconds. You can use this room to exceed the portal limit until the creature pool runs out of creatures.

    Maybe there will be a very tiny chance that say, a level 10 hostile Horned Reaper or a squad of high level hostile creatures will come out to attack your dungeon.

    Looks like: Giant hole in the ground with ledges surrounding it. Creatures working here go in and out of the hole. If they find a hostile creature they may drag him out.

    Requires: Must be built at least 3x3 to tiles function.

    Combining rooms is impractical and defeats the purpose of having the originals. This one also gives chances for bad things to happen to you. - Kyle
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    Default Re: Hellhole

    I rather like this idea :-)

    Nevertheless, I don't think it should be implemented unless it can be balanced to great extents and perhaps given a more menacing name!
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    Default Re: Hellhole

    Very nice idea!

    Something like this would be a nice addition as a buildable or claimable-only room.

    I don't think it should use up the entire creature pool though, just a randomly generated creature selected from a list made by the mapmaker. Otherwise it would be possible to claim every creature in the pool, leaving none for your opponent to recruit via the portal if he loses some in a battle with heroes or another keeper.

    I like the idea of a group of hostile creatures arriving to ambush a greedy keeper but we'd have to be careful with that too as even a group of 8 creatures could be defeated with traps and recruited, quickly giving an unfair advantage.

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    Default Re: Hellhole

    The idea is awesome, but the sound of balancing it out will make this room grand.

    I agree with Synesthesia, a list the map maker creates, that the room will randomly select, so the other Keepers can still get creatures from their Portal.

    Room: I pick... this one!
    Creature: Keeper! We got one!
    Goblin: Lemme go! Lemme go!!! Bring it on!

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    Default Re: Hellhole

    Now that I see this again I got to say my idea was originally like a combination of Scavenger room, portal, and Combat Pit. It's much better than a Scavenger room though in my opinion because the creatures can fight back after they are stolen.

    Maybe you could have a creature pool separate from the portal pool for this. But I would like this to be able to 'scavenge' enemy creatures as well personally. But I think it should only be able to 'scavenge' enemy creatures that are working in enemy Hellholes (or whatever you want to call it). Or working creatures could invade the enemy dungeon through their hellholes and drag creatures back.

    So it would work like "Keeper 1 builds hellhole, creatures invade Keeper 2's dungeon through from Keeper 1's hellhole and through Keeper 2's hellhole, Keeper 1's invading creature party drags back Keeper 2's creatures and either fights them or imprisons them maybe."

    SO ya here is another idea, maybe no fighting will be involved, maybe the enemy creatures will be drug to prison (if you have a prison.) Then maybe if you don't have a prison they will fight

    This is all for you to decide of course, I am just making suggestions.

    I have a question though, are you even putting the Scavenger room in DK3? If you're not I will say again you should consider something like this, its more fair than the Scavenging room, I think.
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    Default Re: Hellhole

    I think that something like the scavanger room is unlikely to get implemented in WFTO

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    Default Re: Hellhole

    I like the idea, but it would create horrible issues if it were a room you could build.

    More likely it would be placed on the map like a portal.

    The main issue is that on maps with unlimited supplies of gold it would provide you with unlimited supplies of minions. There should be a limit to how many crawl out, designated in a map's script.

    Scavenger should be implemented again but only with some tweaking. Sucking your enemy's dungeon dry of creatures is a very annoying way of winning / losing. Rather it could be used to "favour" certain creatures to enter through the portal over others.

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