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Thread: Dungeon Keeper... as a board game?

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    Default Dungeon Keeper... as a board game?

    Just wondering, has anybody of you heard about or played Dungeon Lords? Chr!x had told the existence of that game to members on and well, how about you?

    That really seems to be very fun!

    Here's a review:
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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper... as a board game?

    Yeah that does sound quite a lot like Dungeon Keeper, though a lot more toward the early MARTHA Dungeon Keeper version.

    Does indeed look quite interesting

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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper... as a board game?

    does look like dk, but with different names.

    certainty what I thought dk board games would look like

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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper... as a board game?

    Nah ... dungeon Lords is not "Dungeon Keeper".

    I have played it already and i got very disapointed

    So i decided to to the REAL Dungeon Keeper boardgame

    Its not yet final but its almost.

    the site is in Portuguese but the rules are in English. yOu can download them here:


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