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Thread: Bullfrog Map Editor VS Adikted Comparison

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    Smile Re: Bullfrog Map Editor VS Adikted Comparison

    Hi Guys as your talking about the editors I thought I might take the liberty of asking a question.
    I'm glad to see this Awesome game has stll got a some valid fans who are still discussing...
    - I might make my way over the that IRC that was set up to support Multiplayer with this game - any advice for this?

    Anyways, To the point:

    I am trying to make a multiplayer map.

    I have designed the basic layout in unded & set owner ship

    **** starting the level now results in me owning a heart, but I have no creatures placed & no Action points, no furniture***

    So What I want to do is...
    - I would like to place Action points to create a large attack on all keepers
    - Create resident White & neutral creatures ready to join easch lucky capturer

    Generally find out the other functionality of 'Unded' like how to place creatures to & action points, also gold etc
    that the other, original editor does.

    ACTUAL QUESTION****Does any of you know where to find a help file to access this content?************

    ---------------------------- ---------------------------
    Along with the original question: if you can get the original Editor to work it is pretty good - used to use it years ago - only now I cant find my CD so I am opting for others :-(

    Aditked seems to be ok - reminding me of the text progerammes that have pretty good functionality at a cost of complexity, but the one thing that kills it for me is the EXTREMMELY low res & the window isn't sizeable(?)

    Thanks all
    Any help would be good :-)

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    Default Re: Bullfrog Map Editor VS Adikted Comparison

    Just don't use UnDED, it's horribly buggy. Use ADiKtED instead, or official editor to edit maps. There's plenty of help documentation with ADiKtED on how to do stuff, so there shouldn't be many problems - or else, just ask away. It may take a bit of time to learn to use it though.

    As for resizing ADiKtED, you can change console size by creating a shortcut and then right click it and go to Properties, there's some setting there to change the console size.

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    Default Re: Bullfrog Map Editor VS Adikted Comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by dragonfist View Post
    NO ... Jon Skeets version did. But that version has been updatedI didn't use the build in script verifier myself, with the last level I made. This was because, .... And there can also be mistakes in the script, that you only find out by playtesting.
    Very Valuable info here - Glad I read throught the entire Thread. though looks like I've lost a couple of maps already...
    Thanks also to you Mothrayas.

    At first I did use the unded version cos it is SO easy to set up maps - feels easier with a windows Frontend(N00B-talk), but totally agree with Adikted, played about with it & feel kind more comfortable with that, especially with the proper version on source forge. Your suggestion with the window has helped ALOT! I still like the Paint-esque thumbnail though.. .

    tx 4 prompt response also!

    By the way does anyone know if you can 'edit' the sdl in Unded & then alter it in adikted? cos both leave out files in the build, & one large map I did make just crashes the into a blank screen whilst starting Map (*Dont think it's my script, though it is a mish-mash of 'copy-paste' :-p )- DD or MP -

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