Okay, I'm sure if you've tried working with the "1.3 Editor", then you know what I'm talking about here. Everything is all messed up on the terrain, Earth looks like impentrable rock and all other terrain is just transparent.

Well here is the solution to this problem.

This messed up tiles data is just the graphics for the editor, which is stored in global data.

There you see the problem. To fix it you go to configuration for the rooms, terrain, etc and fix them by changing the icon you see there. (Next to the icon should be an up and down arrow) I already have a map with the fixed icons.

However if you look at this next shot, you'll see the icons at the bottom are better but in the editor map, it isn't.

Go to configuration of terrain and click okay as I did. Same for rooms and everything else. This updates the map it seems, and now...

Problem solved.

Here is the map for your own usage: Fixed Icons

Note: I can't fix the edge of the map area, but that is because you don't have access to that tile (Yes Edge of map is a sepperate tile from Impentrable Rock) so there's nothing I can do there.