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Thread: Spanish Section ?

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    Default Spanish Section ?

    I see that it has separated for Frenchman, Russian etc but I do not see paragraph for the Spanish..
    There are many people interested in dungeon keeper that him like to take part, but the forum lacks a section for speakers in Spanish if you ready to open someone I can to bring people of my language to the project

    From already thank you very much

    sorry for mi english

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    To me, you happen to be the very first Spanish (or Spanish speaking) person that I encountered during my years in KK.

    I see that it has separated for Frenchman, Russian etc but I do not see paragraph for the Spanish..
    The ''French section'' is actually a whole seperate forum for it's respective community and the Russian sector is currently not being used much. Unless there is a very populair demand to it, a whole new forum section will only prove counterproductive IMO.

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    Ok, I deal it is possible that you have reason, I appear call agustin and am Argentine, live practically in the end of the world jaja
    Always I like dungeon keeper and any thing in the one that could help like work

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    i could translate it in french the actual one not a separete site but aniway er hi

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    I am other spanish! :P

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    Me too

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    another argentine here, we have a litte spanish talking forum but not very organized, would be great if you make a spanish talking subforum so we make all come here :O

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    Another spanish here!

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    Default Re: Spanish Section ?

    The problem is that if we were to create a spanish section, i fear it would get annoying having spanish and english mixed together.

    And even if we were to create a spanish section on a test basis, how should he handle it if it were to fail? Alot of threads could be lost due to that.

    I will try and see what options there are, but i wont promise anything.
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