Name: Mdukos 'The Wannabe Knight'

Creature type: Goblin

Gender : Male

Age: 20

Personality: Honorable, Protective and Loyal

Alignment: Neutral Good

Current level: 1

Gold on pocket: 0

Strengths: Good fighter and not bad in the workshop

Weaknesses: Slow, terrible at researching and scouting, may let Honor and his will to protect cloud his judgment

Likes: Helping Creatures in need, fighting and modifying his armour

Dislikes: spells (they are for wimps who cannot fight) and being helpless


Level 1: Attack

Other things: He wears armour (which causes his slowness) as he dreams of becoming a knight,

Realm: None

Biography: Mdukos, is still a young goblin has a lot to learn about. he heralds form a clan of goblins who were attacked by a group of knights, the goblins fought with the knights however their swords could not damage the knights in their armour. Mdukos's father, Nkoruz realized the goblins could not win and called for the battle to stop. The knights allowed them to live as long as the retreated to the mountains, the remaining small clan of goblins, who had retreated to the mountains were inspired by their great armour and honor and tried to follow in their footsteps.

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