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    Hey all its been a while, I used to play a few games with you guys before my laptop died, I recently got a new gaming rig and have been trying all the "new" rts games, nothing comes close to DK.

    So eager to get back into the game I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to tell me which OS and new fixes or patches ill need, Im currently running 7 64bit.

    Information for both DK and DK2 would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    for DKI use keeper FX
    DKII leaving it on minimum specs and it might not crach every 10 minutes
    i am making a quake III map in the style of dungeon keeper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorbachoph View Post
    Information for both DK and DK2 would be greatly appreciated.
    As has been said above your best bet for running DK1 on a modern computer is to download KeeperFX and make sure you patch it and check the readme if you have any problems.

    Dk2 is a whole diffrent can o' worms, I would say try the guide by Drangonslover, if that doesn't work I'm not really sure what will
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