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Thread: Alternative Lord Archetypes

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    Default Alternative Lord Archetypes

    Not every land may be the kind to feature a Knightly lord. Maybe there's a bigass magic academy or an elven fortress or a dwarven mountain clan...

    The fact is, the idea of other lord types can lead to potentially new challenges for keepers.

    Perhaps there's an Archmagi or the High Priest or Bishop. Maybe the Arch Druid, the Elven Queen/King or a Dwarven Warlord stands in our way. Their fighting styles would therefore vary greatly.

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    Default Re: Alternative Lord Archetypes

    yeah it would be better if the lord of the land isn't always a knight

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    Default Re: Alternative Lord Archetypes

    I think that may depend a lot on the politics :P
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    Default Re: Alternative Lord Archetypes

    There are only 3 nobility ranks used in the games, the king (Reginald), his 3 sons, the princes, and, ofcourse, the lords (‘’lord’’ is used to address a baron) of the lands. The Avatar does not count in here because he’s a divine being. What if we showed somewhat more varriation on that field, not only because it’s quite a bit more realistic but also because it can give you a sense of progressing to the game and being all powerful. I mean, does a lowly baron really sounds more threatening than a duke who is also the right hand man of an emperor? Just to give an example. And this should not be limited to nobility only, positions used in real life churches could also be used.

    I’m going to name a few common noble titles in both genders, from high to low ranking:

    Emperor & Empress
    King & Queen
    Duke & Duchess
    Prince & Princess
    Count/Earl*/Jarl** & Countess
    Baron & Baroness

    * = UK varriant
    ** = Scandinavian varriant

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