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    Name: Vergil the Rogue

    Creature type:Rogue

    Gender: Male

    Age: 38

    Personality: A serious man who rarely shows his emotions to anyone including friends.

    Current level: 1

    Gold on pocket: 0

    Strengths: Strong and good with a blade.

    Weakness: Slower then most things.

    Likes: Close friends and other rogues

    Dislikes: Heroes and traitors.

    level 1: Attack

    level 3:Poisen cloud

    level 5: Sight

    level 7: Invisibility

    level 10: Teleport

    Other things: hindered by slow speed.

    Biography: Originally a theif in the heroes. He was mocked and ridiculed for his slow speed so he began stealing items from his fellow soldiers.
    this was shown to be a dire mistake

    On a attack on a dungeon which turned bad quickly for the heroes vergil was shot on the leg
    and begged for help from his comrades. They left him there to die which spurred his hatred for heroes.
    After hearing this and seeing his abilities he decided to sweared revenge and abandoned his theifing title in place of the rogue

    His despise of heroes and worry of traitors has sent him to never becoming friends with many people and still then rarely talking even to them.
    His only hope is one day to find the men who left him for dead and bring an end to there miserable little lives.

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    what do you know I found a song that fits Vergil in my opinion:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Who-horny View Post
    I love it when people link to music in relation to their characters! I know what song is playing when I picture the opening credits to the Vergil Television series now!
    you my friend have no diea how much that made me laugh XD but I do enjoy the band as much as I enjoy Dragonforce and such

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    Name: Merla the Warlock

    Creature type: Warlock

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Personality: a Cheery easily frightned girl who seems clingy to many.

    Current level: 1

    Gold on pocket: 0

    Strengths: A strong magic user and can run rather fast.

    Weakness: Freezes up if fighting a dragon or Demon Spawn out of fright, cant take much of a beating, Has a bit of a addiction
    to gambling

    Likes: Warlocks, Researching, Gambling.

    Dislikes: Dragons and by extention demon spawn.

    level 1: attack

    level 2:fireball

    level 5: Meteor

    level 6: Heal self

    level 8: Heal others

    level 10: Hailstorm

    Other things: Tries to avoid Casinos at all costs.

    Realm: Frozengard

    Biography: She spent a large amount of her life in the overworld living away from the villeges as she was seen as a witch by
    the villegers. She was eventually driven from her home by a mob of drunken villagers, she was driven into a cave where a dragon resided,
    needless to say the dragon was not happy about her and quickly began to attack her. Merla escaped with a badly burnt but still usable arm, she now
    wears a somthing over it at most times. After that she wandered for a few weeks until finding her way into a portal to the
    underworld and is now on her first position in a dungeon.
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    There's a lot in CrystalBarrow for her to be afraid off ^^

    I hope to add ASBO Trolls to that list before she's threw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Who-horny View Post
    There's a lot in CrystalBarrow for her to be afraid off ^^

    I hope to add ASBO Trolls to that list before she's threw!
    aww come on she just wants to kill every villeger she comes across XD and besides thefsuth hates everyone fi we madeh im LIKE someone it wouldnt be right she will be dispising him soon im sure XD

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    Thefsuth liked skarl...

    And Dasoop! For some reason Dasoop reminds Thefsuth a a green keeper he met once...

    And he's getting to like Eddy the rouge a bit.

    But most of all he misses Fell's orc, he was so stupid Thefsuth liked him because he could be manipulated =/

    Anywho, I'm still thinking on what interaction between the cowardly warlock of yours and Thefsuth, hmmm maybe he could "help" her get over her fears so she becomes more useful to the dungeon? Just a thought.

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    well im not trying to have her come out as cowardly XD she just has issues with dragosn and demon spawn. I enjoy making characters which are driven by somthing. For Vergil its revenge and also his wanting to remember his blocked off memorys. For Merla its a feeling of beign useful.....she felt useless before heh go figure.

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    Yay! More creatures(TO KILLLL)!

    (Has nothing to say about Merla now.)

    No love for Ivan? The only Spider left in the RP?

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