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Thread: problem dk2

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    Unhappy problem dk2

    hi all
    in the main menu is written: u are very low on hard drive space...but i have 90gb free and when i play the game freez and return on windows (xp sp3) after 10 min. of play

    have a dk2 silver edition then i have 1.7 also tried the 1.73 but =

    could be a graphics card (ati 4650) problem? because I have to remove the hardware acceleration otherwise see all black

    someone help me!!!
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    try our version 1.3 version. you may find it on the forums.

    It is due to misinterpretation of the values by the program. The game sees my 4 GB ram as 4 MB. Many old games have that error.

    Yes, hardware accel is a good thing. Also, if u have dualcore, disable one core for the application. THe game becomes more stable and mouse does not fly around like crazy.

    And it throws you out due to SP3. I had the very same issue on my laptop, up to the point where it wont even let me launch the game any more.

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    Default Re: problem dk2

    ok i'll try whit 1.3 hope start thx

    I can not find the 1.3 some1 has a link?
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