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    Default Morph

    The Morph is an amazing and mysterious creature which roams the wilds of the realm beneath. It's form is a constant state of flux, minimally altering to best suit its environs and opponent. As such, its extremely hard to counter and will succeed against most single creatures. The best way to counter a morph is a small group of polar opposite creatures, as it will only change to counter that which it is fighting.

    It will also sometimes imitate dungeon creatures and walk among them.

    Health: Alters with form
    Attack: Alters with form
    Armor: Alters with form
    Defense: Alters with form
    Accuracy: Alters with form
    Speed: Alters with form
    Dexterity:Alters with form
    Intelligence: Low
    Wage: High

    Fighting Style
    The fighting style of the Morph differs.

    Prospective Skills
    Level 1 - Melee
    Level 1 - Morph (Passive/Inherent)

    Obtainable by, Attractable by

    Chicken Spell + ???? = Morph


    Hang-out Group/Behavior in Dungeon



    Appearance, Information, Description
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    Default Re: Morph

    doppelganger? uses morph ability on target before fight to become the selected target. the cd on the skill will stop him morphing every time he changes target but when it is off cd, it will morph into it's target. could be an interesting creature. if you use a horned reaper, you will fight a horned reaper. the creature will maintain it's level so if you put a level 1 horned reaper, and this creature was level 10, it will morph into level 10 horned reaper :O

    i don't like the idea of having this in game but it is nice to think about.

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    Default Re: Morph

    I choose you ditto!

    I guess it could work if it's only obtainable if it's located in the map and you have to torture it on your side. It should not steal the level as well though. A level 4 morph when faced against a level 6 bile demon will only transform to a level 4 bile demon.
    Once it leaves battle it will wait 10 seconds before morphing back into his normal state.

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