Health: Low
Attack: Very High
Defense: Low
Armour: Low
Accuracy: Meduim
Speed: Very High
Dexterity: Medium
Intelligence: Medium
Wage: No Wage


Level 1: Attack
Level 4: Deathcoil (sends a bolt of shadow energy at a target)
Level 6: Soul leech (drains enemy health and restores Banshee's health)
Level 7: Scream (Enemies flee in terror)
Level 10: Possess (Possesses an enemy target, to be specific... the banshee goes into the body of the victim. if the possesed creature dies, so does the banshee. the possesed creature will automatically reach level 10 once possesed.)

-Can Move through Lava and Locked Doors.
-No Speed reduction when moving in water/lava.
-will not be stunned if droped by the player.
-does not fear anything.

Banshees are spirits of dead women who died in their youth, as a result their unsatisfied souls refused to leave this world and thus decided to hide in the darkest places of the underworld. they await to claim a body as their own, and will stop at nothing to come back to life.]

Behavior in dungeon:
Banshees do not eat nor do they have a lair BUT... they tend to annoy other creatures by screaming at them which causes them to flee in terror. they also wander around the dungeon searching for hidden places and more importantly, enemy creatures so they can torture their souls and, if their level is high enough, take control over the creature permanently.

Uppon Death :
Like skeletons, they just die permanently once their health reaches 0.

They usually like to stay in Graveyards, They can also carry the dead to the Graveyards, They also practise combat in training rooms.

Obtainable by: They Are scattered in the map, you must find them first to claim them.

Style: Support

Hates: Heroes.

Loves: Graveyards.

Appearance: \/