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    First off, i read somewhere there was already a simillar suggestion, but I cant find it, so here is my two cents on the subject.

    I believe that Rooms should be upgradable, to a maximum level of 3. This will allow us to put more creatures into DKWFTO without having to add whole new rooms for each one. Using the Info Tab, a Keeper can see the stats and other tidbits on whatever he clicks on. By clicking on a room, you can not only see its info, but choose to upgrade it for a hefty price. This makes the room more effective and allows you to attract more powerful creatures. Rooms like the Graveyard and Temple can also be obtainable much sooner, with the final upgrades obtainable much later and for ginormous prices.

    For example, a training room can only attract basic creatures like the Spider, Demon Spawn, etc... at level 1. But a level 2 Training Room will attract creatures like Orcs, and a level 3 Training Room could attract something even more powerful.

    The Lair cannot be upgraded, it is simply a lair.

    The first thing you will notice when upgrading a room is that its looks different. it is more elaboratley decorated and new furniture is added.

    Level 1: Simple plot of land.
    Level 2: Adds hutches and housing for the chickens.
    Level 3: Adds hutches into the walls, to save space and produce more chickens.

    Level 1: Simple treasury.
    Level 2: Huge chests added to store more gold in each tile.
    Level 3: Chests added to indentations in the walls, allowing more gold to be stored in the treasury.

    Training Room
    Level 1: Basic Training Dummies and stationary ranged targets. Can train creatures to level 4.
    Level 2: Rotating training Dummies and moving ranged targets. Can train creatures to level 5.
    Level 3: Classic spinning posts and advanced moving ranged targets. Can train creatures to level 6.

    Level 1: Basic row bookshelves.
    Level 2: Some tables and chairs added to make researching more comfortable and productive.
    Level 3: Adds central table which seats many researches in a small space. Bookshelves are much taller, to hold more books and scrolls.

    Level 1: Simple anvils, forges and workbenches.
    Level 2: Adds a few chalkboards and blueprint tables for brainstorming and upgrading designs.
    Level 3: Adds machinery, including the classic "Steam Machine" from DK1.

    Level 1: Simple tables, stools and a bar that seats a few creatures.
    Level 2: Adds tables that seat more creatures in a small space. Adds wall boothes to seat more creatures and upgrades the main bar to seat more creatures.
    Level 3: Adds Roulette from the Casino.

    Torture Chamber
    Level 1: Simple electric chairs and torture racks.
    Level 2: More advanced torture devices like the iron maiden and lava pits.
    Level 3: Specialist Torture Tables from DKI.

    Level 1: Simple prison.
    Level 2: Balls & Chains added to prisoners. Slows prisoners in the event of a breakout.
    Level: Prisoners can now be chained to the walls for more space.

    Combat Pit
    Level 1: Simple pit dug into the ground.
    Level 2: Stone/Steel pit from DKII.
    Level 3: Elaborate and ornate colloseum soaked with blood.

    Level 1: A simple plot of dirty with no headstones.
    Level 2: Adds headstones.
    Level 3: Adds open graves, tombs, crypts and urns.

    Level 1: A simple shrine sits in the center of the room, with idols of worship along the walls.
    Level 2: Adds a central pool
    Level 3: Adds the magnificent pillared central pool with statue from DKII.

    The following creatures that are attracted by certain level rooms. Will contain creatures that are not in the game, just to show how many creatures we could use with this system.

    Level 1: Beatle, Fly, Goblin.
    Level 2: TBC
    Level 3: Bile Demon.

    Level 1: Rogue.
    Level 2: N/A
    Level 3: Dragon.

    Training Room
    Level 1: Spider, Demon Spawn.
    Level 2: Orc, Hobgoblin.
    Level 3: Black Knight(with combat pit)

    Level 1: Warlock.
    Level 2: Necromancer.
    Level 3: Dragon.

    Level 1: Troll, Bile Demon.
    Level 2: Ogre.
    Level 3: N/A

    Guard Room
    Level 1: Dark Elf
    Level 2: TBC
    Level 3: TBC

    Level 1: TBC
    Level 2: Rogue.
    Level 3: TBC

    Torture Chamber
    Level 1: N/A. Can create ghosts from the dead.
    Level 2: Misstress.
    Level 3: N/A

    Level 1: N/A
    Level 2: Executioner.
    Level: N/A

    Combat Pit
    Level 1: N/A
    Level 2: Black Knight.
    Level 3: TBC

    Level 1: Ghoul. Can raise Zombies.
    Level 2: Necromancer. Can raise Wraith's, Wights and Wraith's.
    Level 3: Can raise Vampires, Liches and Mummy.

    Level 1: Cultist.
    Level 2: Black Gaurd.
    Level 3: Dark Angel. Able to Summon Horned Reapers.

    This seems like a massive nuisance to the player to train the more powerfull creatures. - Kyle
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    Default Re: Room Levels

    Room upgrades should have more purposes than cosmetics and attracting creatures, imo. Other than that, I like the idea.

    I think that if this were to get in the Combat Pit should be removed, though. Otherwise a Level 3 Training Room is just as useless as Training Rooms in general in DK2.

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    Default Re: Room Levels

    I dunno, I like the combat pit. It adds a bit more depth to training your creatures. The Training room upgrades allow creatures to train normally to 1 higher level per upgrade, and its not just for aesthetics, i said in the description of the general idea that the rooms would be made more efficient with each upgrade, aswell as to attract more powerful creatures. Not to mention that it would be a great way for us to add more creatures without having to make whole new rooms for them.

    As for the Training room being useless when there is a combat pit, creatures could spar in the training room regardless of level as a passtime, just like how researchers could perhaps go read books in the library for fun even if there is no more research to be done. Personally i loved having huge battle royals with your own creatures and prisoners in the combat pit. And the creatures loved watching it.

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    Default Re: Room Levels

    Upgraded training room should allow more creatures to train in same space... naught else.
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    Default Re: Room Levels

    My fear with this idea is it might introduce a bit of tech war (if you have ever played Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance you'll know what I mean), where all players are racing to grab as much resources as they can so as to pool enough gold for upgrades. Though to be honest there has been a mechanic just like this since the very first DK, though it is to do with how many blocks wide your rooms are. (Though it only shows an aesthetic difference in DK2). Which I think worked perfectly well as it is :/
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    Default Re: Room Levels

    Quote Originally Posted by A New Room View Post
    Though to be honest there has been a mechanic just like this since the very first DK, though it is to do with how many blocks wide your rooms are. (Though it only shows an aesthetic difference in DK2). Which I think worked perfectly well as it is :/
    Maybe so, but with this system we can have the Graveyard and Temple at low levels without instantly being able to attract badasses like Dark Angels and being able to summon Reapers and raise Vampires. And like I said, it would allow more creatures without the need to add so many new rooms to the game. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention Reapers can only be summoned from a max level temple. I will amend the main post.

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    Default Re: Room Levels

    I think it was I that thought of this idea? I think? I hope? I win?

    I was thinking of upgradeable rooms bringing a more sophisticated touch to one's dungeon, along with a very hefty price tag, but adding some additional features that'll surely help one's dungeon efficiency!

    Like, the lair, creatures that have an upgraded lair will recover health and happiness quicker than a crappy/basic lair.

    Training room, I would say, when upgraded, it would train your creatures up faster, but I'm stupid soooo...I dunno if that'll break the game's balance.

    Anyway, when I mean hefty, I MEAN HEFTY. Price may outweigh the bother of upgrading, seriously. Like, upgrading rooms would only be better if you had infinite wealth or something?

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