His my top 10 of DK2 YES I SAID IT DK2 Call me noob all you want

1. Dark Mistress (I have basicly took down a dungeon full of level 4 people with my level 1 mistress IN POSSESION)
2. Skeletons (I cant explain my love for skeletons they just do anything I have spent my time leveling my skeletons level 8 and then rushing a dungeon full of level 10's that have fear traps IN POSSESION or without possesion in a group of 50 because i seem to capture alot of guys.
3. Horny (He is basicly unkillable when i play its just the ending of the battle but not the war I put him in number 3 because he is a bitch to get with all the mana he cost.
4. Dark angels (basicly my mini dark mistress i spent most of my time rushing dungeons if i had this guy hes a pain to get but im fine with that.
5. Warlocks (yes because I max level them and I put a group together and they heal eachother for ages then I posses 1 and shit gets real)
6. Vampire (I put him here because he doesnt die technicly he can onley be killed by like holy guys like priest and that so he basicly wins without question against other minions unless there is a way to kill vampires without a priest or something like that.)
7. Imp (They basicly are skeletons that attract guys work there asses off with no pay Imp: HEY WE DO GET PAYED Keeper: Nope)
8. Knights (I put this in 8 because I have to level them up for them to be ''Usefull''' thats all but besides the fact medium damage take a bit to kill)
9. Salamander (I put this here because I praticly walk through lava on this guy and pop out on ground attack guy go back into lava out of reach of melee and plus there just fun to use)
10. Fly (my scout the end if you be planning knight rush i got some fear traps for you kk.)