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Thread: GameRanger Tutorial

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    Default GameRanger Tutorial

    I will guide you how to setup GameRanger for your best DK2 Online experiance.

    - Dungeon Keeper 1.3 (Download)
    - GameRanger (Download)

    1. Install DK2 (installer is in russian so just keep clicking next)
    2. Install GameRanger and create an account.
    3. Forward Ports
      GameRanger requires certian ports to be forwarded to host games. If your router supports UPnP it is prolly not required.
      1. 1600 for GameRanger
      2. 7575 for DK2 (Default)
    4. Join the ladder (HERE)
    5. Add some friends, find a game and play!

    • MaxHayman (Me)
    • [FOG] Kyle (Kyle)
    • Dotted
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