The Goblin Challenge for Dungeon Keeper 2

In short this package a modified DK2 Campaign which challenges you to complete the original game using only goblins. See below for complete details.

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Full readme:

	Lets be honest here and admit that DK2 is a *very easy* game.  The goblin
	challenge will make it tougher.

	If you insist on some kind of plot/reason beyond making the game harder:
	A powerful archmage, sensing that you are going to be the most powerful of
	the keepers, decided to curse you in order that you will never rise to
	power.  This curse makes your feet smell so bad that no creature except
	goblins, who have a notoriously bad sense of smell owing to their lack of
	personal hygiene, will serve you.  The skeletons, in the name of undead
	solidarity (**** unions), defer to the vampires on this issue and will also
	not serve you.  This curse will remain in effect until the king's head lies
	before you.

	So, what kind of keeper are you?  Will you take the challenge or hide under
	a warlocks skirts?

	I have personally played every one of these levels and assure you that it
	is entirely possible to win every fight presented with these using a
	mixture of goblins, traps, and magic. Concentrate force and attempt to win
	tactical superiority even if strategic superiority is not in the immediate

	You must complete every available level using nothing but goblins and imps.

	The first three levels where not converted.  Goblins where all you really
	got in these levels anyways.

	Some levels where not converted as they where thought unsuitable.
	"Scavenge" - The level which had no portal and revolved around creating an
	undead horde to take out the enemy keeper is a fine example of this

	In order to fulfill the need for manufacturing and research, goblins have
	been given the ability to do these things and will willingly do them.  They
	will however, be individually much less effective than the more dedicated
	creatures.  Goblins manufacture at half the rate of trolls and research at
	a fifth of the rate of warlocks.  This will not really be much of a
	concern, however, since literally every real creature in your dungeon is
	able to research and manufacture.  If you feel that this is an unfair
	advantage, or are very hardcore, you can simply not build these rooms.

	The goblins job priority order is Training, Manufacturing, Research.

	In all levels where you have the correct rooms, it is possible to make
	undead and/or convert enemy creatures.  I thought it was better to leave
	these rooms available for when the game demands them.  For example,
	capturing and converting the three princes would be impossible without
	these rooms.  You are on your honor to not actually use these rooms, though
	torturing for map information is fair game if you so wish.  If you do
	accidentally create an undead unit or convert a hero, you must throw them
	into the portal or otherwise get rid of them.

	The temple is still available, and I did not change the sacrifice
	mechanisms.  You are on your honor to not abuse this in order to get
	creatures which are not goblins.

	I changed most of the neutral creatures into goblins, but there are still
	some which aren't.  Mostly these are in areas I thought it likely an enemy
	keeper would get them first.  I also commonly did not bother to convert
	creatures during the first half of the game where they just don't make a
	significant difference.  If you acquire a neutral who is not a goblin, you
	must throw him into the portal or otherwise dispose of him.

	The horned reaper mechanics where left in. Again, you are on your honor not
	to use him.  It is, of course, OK to summon him to defeat the stone nights
	at the end of level 20.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the only way
	to beat them.

	These levels where made for version 1.7 of dungeon keeper and may not work
	with other versions.


	Note that this pack will not overwrite any of the original Dungeon keeper 2
	files.  If, however, you have any custom maps or savegames which, by
	coincidence, have the same names, they can be overwritten.  All files
	included follow a specific naming pattern.  All file names begin with gc
	(for goblin challenge) followed by the level number, a letter denoting
	level variant where appropriate.  For example: gc11b.sav

	Extract the included data file into your dungeon keeper 2 directory.
	C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Dungeon Keeper 2\

	If prompted to overwrite files, click yes.

Running the missions:

	Since I chose not to overwrite the original campaign, you cannot load the
	missions by simply clicking on the 3d campaign map in game.

	There are 2 methods of loading the missions.

	The easy method:
		Included in this installation are savegame files saved at the
		beginning of every level.  Simply start the game, select load game,
		and select the level to load.  Once the level has been reloaded, press
		escape and select restart level in order to see the opening cutscene.
		These savegames where made with game version 1.7 and may not work with
		other versions.

	The harder method:
		If for some reason, the savegames do not work correctly for you, you
		can launch the missions from the game shortcut.

		Make a new copy of the dungeon keeper 2 shortcut. Rename it as you see

		Right click on the new shortcut and select properties.

		Under the shortcut tab in the target box add:

		-q -level "gcXXX"

		For example:

		"C:\games\Dungeon Keeper 2\DKII.EXE" -32BITEVERYTHING -q -level "gc20"

		You must change the gcXXX to the correct level for every level you
		wish to launch.

		The following levels are included in this pack:
		GC4  		GC5  		GC7
		GC8  		GC9  		GC10
		GC11a		GC11b		GC11c
		GC13 		GC14 		GC15b
		GC16 		GC17 		GC18
		GC19 		GC20