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Thread: First impressions / comments?

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    Really didnt like it, i tried not to think of it as a dungeon keeper style game but its just lacking...

    Suppose my main hate... well several hates are only being able to control your "dungeon lord," not bad but i like to be able to tell all my minions what to do.
    Not having actual portals to attract creatures but these pentagrams, which arnt a bad idea in them selvs but you still have room requirements, cant expand the rooms you find, cant move your creatures yourself and they dont move on their own free will unless one of these heroes (i like to think of them more as adventures) are near, which makes them fairly useless for combat because you either need to lure the heroes once they've stolen your goods or place the p'gram closer to the treasure where they never end up getting these point things they collect.
    I really hate how slow the goblins are and for every block they mine, they bring you gold.... how about they leave gold on the floor and go back later or be able to collect more than 1 which they obv can, since they take however much to chests. eejits....
    Dont really like the terrain expansion being tied in with the p'grams either but i have to go to work so ill be back to finish off later!
    Right im back for more dungeons bashing!
    Another thing... how the hell are your creatures meant to train when all they do is get obliterated when a hero so much as looks at them? had a skeleton that got to level 3... but was on 1 health and you cant seem to heal them... fat lot of use he was in the next fight!

    P.S I dont want to discourage them from making a second, it has potential its just a bit mish-mashed at the mo

    No doubt ill play it again at some point just to give it a second try, but right now im not willing to spend any money on purchasing the game, special edition or otherwise!
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    I only really have one MAJOR problem with the game. (Although I will admit all the minor stuff does add up very fast), The plot.

    In Evil Genius you're a supervillain trying to take over the world.
    In Dungeon Keeper 1/2 you're playing a literal agent of hell sweeping the world and dominating it.
    In Overlord 2 you're seeking revenge on those who wronged you as a kid (petty but still evil).

    In this...You're trying to get your throne back after your ex-girlfriend kicks you out of your house.....

    COME ON!!!! Are you telling me that's the best they could come up with?!

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    Can't even install it. Won't buy it because I dont know if I like it, and the downloaded game, can't get it to work (keeps saying invalid key code), so, to bad.

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    I wasnt massively impressed with Dungeons, I thought it was going to be the same gameplay as Dungeon Keeper.
    Instead it was completely different (apart from digging out rooms) and also quite broken in some places! shame

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    After more than 3 years I've now played it through. I have to say as a fan of DK it is worth playing through it just because of the story. But the gameplay isn't that bad either. It's different but I would say brave from the developer.

    There are 4 Dungeon Lords and each has its own dungeon heart guard. Each Dungeon Lord has 5 different creatures. What I like is that there are a lot of beasts, for example giant scorpions, flying snakes, giant frogs, fire worms.

    I would recommend playing the tutorial from Dungeons: The Dark Lord first. Then the main campaign of Dungeons and then the Dungeons: The Dark Lord campagin.
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