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Thread: I need help with editor

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    Default I need help with editor

    I have the official editor but is it the easiest one. Also i can never find my levels after i save them. Does anybody know whtas causing it.

    thanks for any help

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    Default Re: I need help with editor

    Yes, the official editor is the most convenient to work with for beginners.

    Are you sure you're saving the levels to (for example) C:/Dungeon Keeper/levels (NOT the CD), and that the folder is not read-only?

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    Default Re: I need help with editor

    like moth said, harddisk installation. And the easiest way to remember what maps you made is to simply overwrite the original campaign temorarly.

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    Default Re: I need help with editor

    Well, the thing I did is to simply create a separate folder that contains everything the editor needs and transfer the levels there. Once the changes have been done, you can simply copy/paste levels from the editor Levels folder into the KeeperFX Levels folder or from one of the other campaigns. Simple as that.
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