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    I never liked how in DK2 the campaign levels would get soo easy after you played the game for so long. I'm sure you've thought of this, but I'd like to suggest in case you haven't, make sure to have at least 2 difficulties when it comes to campaign levels and computer ais maybe... an easier, normal, fun one you play the first time or whatever, and a hard, challenging, serious one.

    So your difficulties could be Normal and Hard at least. Maybe Easy too idk

    Also I would like to suggest for the Hard difficulty either get rid of the first tutorial levels, replace them with something decent, or rework them to be hard

    That's like in DK1, do you really want to play the first 5 levels if you've beaten the game? They are a boring slog
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    havent played DK1 yet... but its true... the difficult in both campaing and kirmish of DK2 is very easy... what added flavour to the campaing is the circumstances in some missions... but... your right the difficult must be fixed and adjusted to the needs of the player...

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    Default Re: Game Difficulties

    How would the game difficulty effect Heroes? Would they come in greater quantities and higher levels for example?
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    Default Re: Game Difficulties

    I was also thinking of three levels of difficulty for the campaign or story mode.

    I'd say the setting should affect the following:
    Peasents, the higher the setting the smarter they move when evading or attacking keepers, possibly not attacking at all on the easy mode.
    Heroes (barbarian, archer etc [not knight or avatar]), they should also be smarter when hunting keepers, I'm thinking they might have less chance of their attacks missing or higher chance of evading keeper attacks. (I'm nervous about adjusting too many stats for difficulty changes since the game may need to be re-balanced for those.)
    Knights and Avatars, they should be more determined and direct at the higher levels (not easily distracted chasing keeper creatures or stopped by doors) to kill keeper creatures or reach hearts than the easier levels, maybe with a stat change to the accuracy or evasion stats like the other heroes.
    Hero AI in general, should be smarter with more precise strategies and better strategy selection at higher settings.
    Keeper AI, the same, more inclined to attack quickly and monitor enemy forces to win the attack than at easier settings.
    AI engines should also be more inclined to build effective sized rooms at higher settings and possibly to aim for any gems/gold before anybody else with a chance of stopping said aim if somebody else with greater forces takes the treasure first.

    I was also thinking that randomly appearing goodies (if we have those) such as bonus spells and dungeon specials should be more rare at higher settings.
    Possible change the training room and/or combat pit to be less effective at higher settings too.
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