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Thread: Custom Single Player on Wineskin

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    Default Custom Single Player on Wineskin

    It's good to be back after all these years...

    After finally getting both Dungeon Keepers 1 and 2 working on my Mac I am once again hooked as I always was.

    Back in the day I downloaded a whole stack of custom made maps from the community. The skirmish ones work great but I always really loved the custom campaign maps.

    Now unlike Skirmish one couldn't access these by an in game list but had to create a new shortcut with the directory scripted inside and is my final hurdle in bringing the DK experience to OS-X once and for all...


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    Default Re: Custom Single Player on Wineskin

    Can you show me the script you've used to get your custom singleplayer maps working ?
    Because I'd love playing some but I just can't find out how do I do.
    Your help woud be very nice !

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