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Thread: Half a Goodbye

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    Default Half a Goodbye

    As many of you ahve noticed I'm not nearly as active as I once was. In actual fact I have just as much interest in whats going on here as I did when I first joined KK. However to put it simply, life's not been going great for a while, and when I do have the time, I mostly don't have the energy to log on and start reading through everything i've missed and expressing all my opinions. Indeed, It'd be a lie to say I've contributed much as PO for WFTO.

    So while I'll still wander on from time to time I just wanted to make it official that I'm no longer one of the regular's here, and that you should probably find a fresh PO.

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    Default Re: Half a Goodbye

    Shame that you'l have to decrease your activety, man. But it's completely understandeble, I can feel the pressure on my shoulders aswel.

    Hopefully we still see you around regulairly!

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    Default Re: Half a Goodbye

    Back in my irregular lurking days you where one of the few identities I would recognize (My visits were few and far between) although I'm only loosely part of this community even I would miss you if you had to leave for good.
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    Default Re: Half a Goodbye

    Well, as long as you are still here, even if its once a month, you are still kk property.

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    Default Re: Half a Goodbye

    Have fun.
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    Default Re: Half a Goodbye

    That's too bad. But I can understand your decision. And I agree with dk2player, you'll still be the property of KK and you're always welcome.

    See ya later then.
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    Unhappy Re: Half a Goodbye

    Even if I practically don't know Robofish, I still feel sad to see one of the developers leave .
    ( )
    O O
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