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Thread: Top 30 Games of All-Time

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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    My own list:

    1&2: Doom 1 & 2 (Easily my most absolute favorite game of all time, and don't get me started on Doom 3. That game is a piece of shit. This is my review at And yes, the review is very condescending, which is the way I meant it to look like! Doom 3 was such a huge disappointment. It went back to the store only after a couple hours of playing it. That's how disgusted I was with Doom 3)
    3&4: Diablo 1 & 2 (I haven't played D1 in years)
    5: Dungeon Keeper 1 (I don't like DK2 at all)
    6: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (The old one, not that sack of shit new one)
    7: Need For Speed: High Stakes (Love this game)
    8:Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed (This one's awesome. I think the new "street racing" NFS's are boring as a turd and are lame. I hate street racing, it's an idiotic concept)
    9: StarTopia (Just started playing this, and it's pretty cool. Wish they made a #2)
    10: The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (Awesome game!)
    11: The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (I absolutely love this game, even though I haven't played it in months. I loved exploring the abandoned forts and ruins. Making money in this game was seriously easy. lol.)
    12: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (I really like this game so far. Minus the crap UI these people obviously put no thoughtful planning into)
    13: Star Trek: StarFleet Command 3 (Awesome game with mods)
    14: Grand Theft Auto 3 (I really did not like San Andreas, I honestly couldn't care less about some wannabee black gangster idiots)
    15: Red Faction (The first one was pretty good)
    16: Carmageddon (Absolutely LOVE this game! Haven't played it in a couple years or more)
    17: Carmageddon 2 (Love the 2nd one even more than the first one. I played it A LOT! TDR2000 was lame ass)
    18: Civilization 4 (This one's fun for a while, but I'm more into expanding on the map, and with no other players)
    19: Quake 2 (Played this. Was fun.)
    20: Battlefield 2 (Love this game)
    21: Battlefield 2142 (this one's fun, too.)
    22: Half-Life (Loved the campaign and all of it's expansions (Opposing Force, etc)
    23: Stronghold (Loved this game. Didn't really like SH2/3)
    24: Star Wars: Empire At War (This one was very fun)
    25: Star Wars: Forces of Corruption (Even better than EAW in terms of gameplay)
    26: Mount & Blade: Warband (This one's very fun to play with online multiplayer mods)
    27: Baldur's Gate (One of my favorites. I did not like BG2)
    28: Unreal Tournament (This game was very, very fun to play back in the day)
    29: Unreal Tournament 2004 (This one was very fun, too!)
    30: StarCraft/Brood War (Was very fun to play for years, but I finally got bored with it. I do not like SC2)
    31: Galactic Civilizations 2 (this game's pretty fun, though I don't play it very much)
    32: One Must Fall: 2097 (Absolutely love this game. OMF Battlegrounds is a sack of shit)
    33: HomeWorld (Awesome game)
    34: HomeWorld 2 (Yet another awesome game. Even better than the first with good mods. There was even a StarWars mod for it. You could buy/create so many ships, and the research section was good, too! I didn't really care for HomeWorld: Cataclysm, even though I did play it quite a bit)
    35: WarHammer 40K: Dawn Of War (Awesome game for a 2003/2004 release. It had awesome graphics for its time)
    36: WarHammer 40K: Dark Crusade (Loved this game, too. Didn't really care for SoulStorm all that much)
    37: Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna (Both DS2&3 are absolute shit)
    This is about all I can think about right now.

    I never really did get into WarCraft 3. It honestly looked like it was made for children instead of Teens/Adults. They did an absolutely abysmal job with making it look like a bad 3D Cartoon bullshit. That absolutely ruined it for me. I won't even bother touching Diablo 3. There's not going to be any singleplayer. That it'self is making me boycott Blizzard. Their company turned into a well used, unflushed toilet ever since the original team that created D2 left the company to create Flagship Studios. The only thing I liked about WC3 was their little videos, even though they were too short. I never had the chance to play WarCraft 1 or 2. I'm told "StarCraft: Ghost" for the console was a poor attempt.

    EA Games also used to be a good company back in the day when they were making the early Need For Speed games. But their company turned into absolute shit after they finished creating Porsche Unleashed (That's Porsche 2000 to the UK). Now-days, the only 3 things EA Games and Blizzard Entertainment care about anymore, is money (emphasis on money, seeing as they bought out so many PC game creation companies that the courts actually threatened to sue them due to making themselves a monopoly (though I'm not entirely sure on that), Anti-Piracy shit that isn't exactly effective, and anti-cheating. Everything else they'll say "Get lost". One example of this, is Nascar Season 2003. Just after they bought out Sierra, they stopped the support for Nascar 2003, and the multiplayer was basically cut away. In Nascar 2003 multiplayer, you had a rating on your ability to race. They only stopped this because it was old, and they honestly didn't care about their Nascar fanbase. So EA Games...fuck you, assholes.

    Edit: I'd just like to add that these games in this list are not in any particular order. They're just favorites.

    Edit: I'll apologize if any of my cursing offends anyone, I'm not in a pissy mood or anything, it's just that I prefer speaking my mind/the truth.
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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    More Carmageddon love. This pleases me.

    Edit: 2011 is year 1997 2.0

    Carmageddon remake
    War for the Overworld Alpha
    Abe's Oddysee remake

    3 of my favorite games re imagined.

    Edit months: Realizes I said 2011 when I meant 2012.
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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    All those are my Favorite games,
    1. Metal Gear Solid HD
    2. Dungeon Keeper 1
    3. Minecraft
    4. Half Life 2
    5. L4D
    6. Warcraft 3
    7. L4D
    8. Diablo 2
    9. L4D2
    10. Portal
    11. Warcraft 2
    12. GTA 2

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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    My fav PC games:

    Gobliins 1/2/3
    Diablo 1/2
    Original Wars
    Red Alert 1/2
    Fallout 1/2
    Baldur's gate
    Jagged Alliance
    Alien Shooter
    Arx Fatalis
    Worms 1/2/armageddon/wp
    Earth 2150
    Empire Earth
    Majesty 1/2
    C&C1, TS, C&C3
    HOMM 2/3/5
    Ground Zero
    M&M Art of magic
    DK 1/2
    Quake 1/2/3
    Doom 2
    Dune 2
    GTA 2/3
    Postal 1/2
    Team Fortress 1/2
    CS 1.5/1.6/s
    Half Life 1/2
    Starcraft 1/2
    Warcraft 1/2/3
    Knights & Merchants
    American Conquest
    Mech Commander 1/2
    Xcom (1)
    Civ 2/5

    Sega games:

    Comix Zone
    R&R Racing
    General Chaos
    Sonic 1/2
    Micro Machines
    Lost Vikings

    Wow, what a mess. I'm too lazy to categorize or write descriptions. All of those games are true gems in the gaming industry. I had an awesome childhood

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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    Starcraft 1,Warcraft 3,Fallout 2 and other games are really true gems in world of gaming.Also Dungeon Keeper has unique idea.I really love good ideas.

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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    My personal favorites are.

    DK1 & 2. I like 2 a bit better due to a slower, but more organized pace. Also felt more strategic since in DK1 you could literally turtle til the end of time if you wanted. But DK1 is a gem too, sometimes I prefer the more chaotic nature.

    TES Morrowind. If it wasn't for this game taking the massive jump into the 3D world. We might have never seen Oblivion,Skyrim, or even Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I don't play it anymore but I have the best memories of this game.

    Age of Empires 2. This game in my opinion is the best RTS around. It just worked so beautifully and was just a blast. Some will swear that Starcraft is god, but I hate that game. Empire's Earth tried to have a feel like AoE but never could pull it off. I can always go back to AoE 2 and have a blast while I often uninstall EE fast due to how boring the game gets. Build some siege and a lot of ranged units and you can kill just about anything. And don't even get me started on the nuke planes... AoE it wasn't as easy to do this since everything had a counter.

    Age of Empires 3. I only recently started playing this game and it is very fun as well. Not on par with AoE 2 but still very entertaining. I am a bit disapointed how they reduced number of resources to just a mere 3, vs 4 in 2 but that is just a minor gripe.

    Twisted Metal. Ohh the memories I have with this game. I remember when I was a kid and got my very first console, the PS1. My brother got me this and I was in love with the game. Nothing is more fun then destroying your enemies from ramming them, machine guns, missiles, to specials such as shooting a nuke or being in a dump truck and picking cars up and smashing them into the ground repeatedly. I feel this game was amazing, and it saddens me how the newer games just....let's just say they lost that touch. This wasn't a game you cared about story, you were in a tourney to kill, have fun.

    And my all-time favorite. Metal Gear Solid series. Words simply can't define this game. Sure some will get turned off how the later games, like 3 and 4 had a crapton of cutscenes, some have taken to call MGS4 an interactive movie which makes me chuckle. But these games were absolutely beautiful. There hasn't been much in the way of stealth games, but this series did it and did it perfectly. Sure you could run in and gun everyone down, or you could tranq everyone and waltz to wherever you please. You could be a true sneak and never get seen. There was many ways you could play the games. No alerts, no kills or knockouts(other than the obvious parts that are unavoidable like bosses or enclosed areas that force you to wipe out whoever is there with you.) This game just was a masterpiece. And I look forward to MGS5 when it comes out! And please, PLEASE don't mention Metal Gear Rising.......I hope that game gets forgotten, it is a disgrace to the MG name.....

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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    My favorite games are(no order):

    Dungeon Keeper 1 - that´s why I´m here . I never liked DK2 tbh.
    Warcraft 1+2 - some of my first games that brought me into RTS. Never liked WC3 and WoW. Someone else mentioned he didn´t like the comics looks - me too. Also the whole storyline sucks IMO. I want orcs to be fierce warriors, not some hippie-like weirdos. It´s also sad they cancelled the Warcraft adventure.
    Gothic 1 - part 1 ist still the best and IMHO one of the best RPGs
    Spellforce - was a nice mixture of RPG and RTS. Didn´t like part 2.
    Thief: The Dark Project - the first and IMHO still the best stealth game. Thief II: Metal Age was also great. Thief III was a disappointment and now seeing the reboot...bah.
    Diablo 1 - IMHO still the best part of the series, best atmoshphere and soundtrack. Diablo 2 was a bit too tedious and Diablo 3 too casualised
    Legend of Kyrandia series - great adventures. Wish there would be another part. But as EA killed Westwood I doubt there will be one.
    Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb - also a great adventure. Still waiting for the next part.
    Carmageddon - another game series where part 1 is IMHO the best.
    Wacky Wheels - still fun to play today
    Worms series - IMHO Worms 1+Reinforcement are also still the best because of their dark atmosphere. Worms 2, World Party and Armageddon were also fun for a while but I liked the original design of worms and landscape ways more than this comic look. Still better than the 3D crap.
    Lords of the Realms 2
    Lands of Lore series - well, 1 was a nice classic, 2 looked in parts a bit silly due to actors that where put into the games world but it still was ok. 3 was not really finished and feels a bit silly overall. I guess we will not see a next part thanks to EA killing Westwood
    Postal 2 - sick and funny
    King´s Bounty(the new series from Russia) - one of the few games from the last years that I like. Nice graphics and soundtrack, interesting stories and good gameplay
    Microsoft Train Simulator - with all the addons fun for a lot of hours
    Jazz Jackrabbit - another classic, part 1 better than 2. I have to say I miss jump & runs like these today.
    Age of Empires 1 - IMHO 1 is the best of the series, the others are ok, but hadn´t the atmosphere of the first
    Painkiller - I´m not that into shooters but this was one I liked.

    Overall I liked the games from the old days more than these from today. Today it´s mostly about graphics, casualisation and compatibility for consoles.

    Some games had interesting ideas but failed to impress me then. Overlord is one good example. The comparison to DK is BS, only similarity is that the player is evil and has a mentor but otherwise it´s a totally different game. Anways the idea to control these goblin-like minions is nice but the controls were often a pain. Also it felt more like an interactive film than anything else as you could only walk predefined ways guided by the mentor who becames a bit annoying later. Too sad that part 2 made the same mistakes.

    I also like TES: Oblivion and Skyrim, but the main storyline is not that thrilling and after a while it becomes repetitive. I also don´t like it that in Skyrim one can become a noble fighter, ruthless assassin, thief and a mage even if the character don´t has any better magic skills all at the same time making you not feel that you play a role.

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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    given different criteria you can have different options ! one of the most important factors in mind when thinking about such questions is age - what is my age - which the game was intended to play. but my of all time and age favorite game is world of Warcraft
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    Default Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    Quote Originally Posted by Richardf269 View Post
    My own list:

    8:Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed (This one's awesome. I think the new "street racing" NFS's are boring as a turd and are lame. I hate street racing, it's an idiotic concept)
    On your list, I would highlight this particular game. Wonderful development of the game from the old, rare Porsche models, to the brand new ones. A great game!

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    Arrow Re: Top 30 Games of All-Time

    My first choice Definitely Counter Strike

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